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Hi, I’m Steve

A back problem in 1997 while lifting carpets in my flat ended up inspiring me to change career and get into fitness. The muscles in my back had gone into spasm and a trip to the doctor resulted in me being prescribed strong painkillers and signed off work for 4 weeks. It was while I was off work (I used to make pizzas for a living) that I saw an article in a magazine about entries being open for the London Marathon. I saw this as an opportunity to get fit and get rid of the back problem as my mum was plagued with it for most of her life and so I put my entry in, as you do.

I was lucky to get in first time, did enough training to get me round and crossing the finish line completely changed my life. For the first time, I felt a massive sense of achievement coupled with a desire to tell everyone that if I could do it, anybody could and that I wanted to help others go after things they previously didn’t believe possible for them, as I had done.

Steve Bonthrone Personal Trainer Perth | Personal Training
Personal Trainer Perth

I did a 3 month Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Therapy with Premier Training in 2000 and started work at the Ivy Court gym in Perth, where I was a member of before I started my course. I spent 3 years there learning before moving to Livingwell Health Club. That was an amazing experience, working on the gym floor and teaching classes with a great team and lots of great members. I did some Personal Training in my spare time and eventually took the plunge and started my own business at the start of 2006, still in Livingwell then Bannatynes.

I continued to study, doing the NLP Practitioner course in 2010 then going on to study fitness courses with Faster which completely changed the way I thought about training and underpins everything I do today.

I have continued to run marathons and went a step crazier in 2014 by running the 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon in the same weekend at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival. I also did my first Half Ironman in 2017 and taught myself how to do the front crawl by studying other swimmers then trying to replicate it myself.

Personal Trainer Perth

Success Stories

I want to say a huge thank you to Steve. My husband and I have been following an exercise plan and diet suggestions from Steve for the last two and a half weeks. My husband, Kevin Heller has lost 14.5 pounds and 9.5 inches, while I have lost 7.5 pounds, 11 inches and gone down almost two dress sizes!!! I’m amazed at the results and it has just shown me that all it takes is good food and regular exercise to achieve such great results. Thank you 🙂
Layna Heller
I’ve been working out with Steve twice a week for 5 weeks. I feel amazing, I’ve got so much more motivation and energy. I can definitely feel and see the difference in my body. Very happy 🙂
Linda Alexander
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