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Personal Training

Personal Training with me is different. It’s not about doing trendy workouts or following the latest diet, it’s about developing you to become the best version of you inside as well as out. It’s about creating new habits, helping you do everything better and giving you more confidence from being able to do things you probably didn’t believe possible and it all feel easier than you thought.

Let me tell you about the journey….

Begin Your Journey Today!

Do you feel unhappy with where you are, know you need to do something but not sure where to start?

Are you bored with your current routine, not seeing any results and need a fresh approach?

Have you lost your mojo and need help rediscovering it?

If you answered yes to any or all of these, I can help you!

What makes me different?

I create training plans based on your current abilities and develop them as you develop your fitness. We look at how you move and create exercises to help you move better and be able to do everything in your daily life better. This means you get an entire plan designed exclusively for you rather than be expected to do the same as everyone else.

Of course, it’s not just your fitness we develop but also your relationship with food and also your confidence so you can go on and do anything you desire

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What my clients say

I can’t thank you enough Steve. I’ve been struggling with my iliotibial band in my leg since last summer and have been in pain every day since. One session with you this morning and you were able to diagnose exactly where the fault was in my movement and give me exercises to correct it.

For the first time ever in months I could actually crouch down without pain. I am amazed and so grateful. You are a genius! Thank you sooooo much. I will definitely be keeping up my new exercises 🙂

Anne Johnston
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