How To Help Ease Back Pain

Do you suffer from lower back pain? Studies show that there is a good chance that almost everyone will suffer from it at some point in their lives. It doesn't matter how old you are, how fit or unfit you are, there's a good chance you could be affected by it. The Health and Safety

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A Month Without Coffee

Coffee. Everyone's favourite way to start the day. You're probably choking on your coffee reading this, perhaps getting a little anxious at the very thought of it! Why on earth would anyone want to stop drinking coffee for a month? It's ok, I'm not giving it up completely, just for a month. Here's why I'm

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How To Exercise On Holiday

I get asked frequently by clients of what exercise they should be doing on holiday and when I started out as a PT, I would write them a plan but stopped doing it as nobody followed the program. There are a few questions around this - what exercise to do, should we do exercise on

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2 Days In May

Life-changing events aren't planned. Life-changing events happen where we least expect them and we often don't realise how much of an impact they have on our lives until long after the event. As the sun sets on another Edinburgh Marathon Festival weekend, I want to share with you the most amazing 2 days in May

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