You decide upon a new goal, maybe to get fit, lose weight after a holiday, run a marathon etc.

Then what?

Join a gym? Go on a diet? How often has this approach actually worked for you?

I believe that in order to achieve your goals, you need to have 3 vital components in place otherwise you’re likely to fall off the wagon and not succeed.

Here are the 3 components you need to help you successfully achieve your goals. 


You need to know specifically what you want and when you want it by.

“Get fit” and “lose weight” are popular goals many people come to me looking for help with but they’re pretty vague. These are a bit like walking into a supermarket to buy something for your dinner without knowing what you fancy. You only know that you’re hungry and you need to eat. Do you see what I mean?

To make things easier, let’s look at the end result.

My goal is to run a sub 3 hour marathon in October to get a Good For Age place in the London Marathon. Why? London was my first marathon and I would like to go back again but earn my place.

See how specific that goal is? That’s the kind of detail you’re looking for.

Imagine you’ve achieved your goals, what stands out for you? Is it the things you’re doing, the clothes you’re wearing, what you see in the mirror or how you feel about yourself?

Once you know the answers, the journey to get there becomes easier.

The other question is, why is this important to you?

Be Ready To Change

In my last post, I spoke about change. Change is important as without it, nothing will happen.

Change isn’t just about joining a gym or going on a diet. That’s addressing symptoms rather than the root cause.

If we look at my marathon goal. I need to go to bed earlier and get up earlier to fit in my training runs as that’s the best time for me. I need to give myself breaks in the afternoons to rest and do some exercises that will help me move better and run faster. If I don’t make these changes, I’ll feel tired all the time and unlikely get anywhere near the speed I need to run to achieve my target.

Look at your daily routine. Are you getting at least 7 hours of unbroken sleep? Do you wake up, rush around before leaving the house or do you give yourself plenty of time? Do you sit down all day at work or do you get up and move about?

The stumbling blocks for many of my clients lie in the answers to these questions rather than what they eat.

What’s the first thing you need to change in order for you to achieve your goal?


Belief in your goals and your ability to achieve them is probably the most component out of all 3.

Without belief, you’re not going to commit yourself as much to making changes or pushing yourself to achieve them.

Belief is the emotion behind your goal. It’s the why and provides the clarity you need. Once you have it, nothing will stop you from achieving your goals.

For me, I know that my goal is possible and I know how much achieving it will mean to me. I believe I can do it.

If we look back at the question of why is your goal important to you, follow it up with these questions:

How will your life change by achieving your goal?

What will happen if you don’t achieve your goal?

What’s stopping you from achieving it right now?

There are a lot of questions but once you know the answers, know the value behind your goals, you can start to imagine yourself having achieved it and begin to put a plan together to achieve it.

How does your goal look now?

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