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About Me

Fitness tends to be based around performance – how much you can lift, how many sets and reps you do, how fast you can run and how intense the workout is. Getting benefits from this method relies heavily on your ability to perform each exercise well and hope you are working the muscles to the level you need to see change. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work and people get injured from doing too much too soon.

I like to do things differently.

I work on skill development. That means training your body to do what you want it to be able to do like run quicker without getting out of breath easily, bend down to pick something up without putting your back out and standing taller and having a stronger core without having to do lots of sit ups or planks. Develop skill then add performance

I believe exercise should be fun, feel like how we use to play when we were kids and something we look forward to do rather than something we need to do. Exercise should be about helping us perform our daily tasks and favourite activities with greater freedom of movement.

I want you to be able to learn more about how your body moves and discover what you’re truly capable of

About Me - Steve Bonthrone Fitness

My Story

A back problem in 1997 prompted me to make a change and get fit. I had suffered muscle spasms and shooting pain from lifting carpets at my flat and any time I moved the wrong way. So I entered the London Marathon. My Mum had been affected by back pain for years and I decided that I didn’t want to suffer as she did. I had watched the Marathon on tv every year and dreamed of doing it but thought that only fit people did it and so I started training.

Crossing the finish line that day changed my life. For the first time, I felt an incredible sense of achievement and came away with a desire to be able to help other people do something like this. I wanted to be able to inspire people to do things they previously didn’t possible for them. If I can do it, anyone can. A few months later, I quit my job making pizzas and began studying to become a Personal Trainer. In 2006, I fulfilled my ambition by starting my own business.

I still live by the belief of going after the things you dream of. It’s never a question of whether you can do it or not, more a question of how you want to be able to do it. Anything is possible!

about me - Steve Bonthrone Fitness