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My Mission

I became a Personal Trainer as I wanted to inspire people to go after the things they’ve always dreamed of but previously didn’t believe possible for them as I did when I started out. I want to be able to provide the tools and support to help them on their journey.

My mission is to inspire people to move more and move better so they can do all the things that are important to them. I believe that exercise should be something that you look forward to doing for how it makes you feel and to discover what you’re able to do that you couldn’t do before rather than feel like it’s something you have to do. Anything IS possible!

My Story

In 1997, I suffered spasms in my back after lifting carpets in my flat. I was signed off work for 4 weeks and prescribed strong painkillers.

While I was off work, I decided I needed to do something about my fitness as I didn’t want to go through life being affected by back pain like my Mum did. So I entered the London Marathon. As you do! 

Crossing the finish line changed my life. I got this amazing sense of achievement and a desire to go and help others amazing things for them, just as I had done. I quit my job making pizzas in 1999 and started training to become a Personal Trainer and then started my own business in 2006.

Learning how the body moves has made a huge difference to me in helping my own back and also helping clients overcome their back and joint problems. The greatest achievements are made when you are able to move more freely and discover what you’re truly capable of. I still run marathons and help others on their running journey too.

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Planting Trees - Steve Bonthrone Fitness - Personal Trainer Perth

Planting Trees

In addition to improving our health and fitness, I believe we should do more to look after the planet. I’m going to my bit by planting trees and will plant a tree for everyone who signs up to work with me. Together, we can plant trees, help preserve wildlife, reinvigorate forests and help the planet for future generations. 

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