.My philosophy for training clients comes from everything I’ve learned from training courses and people I’ve had the pleasure of working with in over 20 years in fitness.

While I design all my training plans around each person I work with, I build them around a framework containing 4 elements – Believe, Nourish, Active and Recover. You will notice that the framework is designed like a jigsaw. This is because all 4 elements must join together for you to achieve your goal. If one piece is missing, it will take longer for you to achieve the goal, if at all.

Personal Training Philosophy | Steve Bonthrone Personal Trainer in Perth

Last time, I spoke about Believe. Today, I want to tell you about Active.

What is Active?

When we talk about exercising to achieve our health and fitness goals, we usually refer to workouts, whether at a gym, at home or outdoors.

I want to change that concept.

I believe that traditional workouts are no longer enough to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. They help, but they’re not enough. The benefits from your workouts are going to be limited if you spend the majority of the rest of your time before your next one, sitting down. When you sit for long periods, your body begins to stiffen up and lose range of movement so you might not be getting as much benefit from your workouts as you think.

Move More

We can’t change a lot about our work station but we can move more often. I believe in smaller, more frequent bouts of exercise everyday. This can vary from going outside for a short walk to getting up to stretch for a couple of minutes every hour or two. The benefits to this are you will begin to get your body moving more freely and feel less stiff. You will also get more value out of your workouts.

You can even do the stretches while you’re doing everyday things like making a coffee/tea!

Imagine feeling like you’re making progress every time you workout and no longer struggle with the same exercises.

When you make movement part of your everyday life, everything changes. You’ll notice a difference in your energy levels, get more done in less time and generally feel better.

Deliberate Movement

Imagine if you knew that every movement you did was going to lead you directly towards your goal. How would that make you feel?

In Believe, I spoke about being clear on your goal so you know exactly what you’re working towards. With Active, every exercise I design is specific to your goal. If your goal is connected to sport, every exercise is designed around how you want to move in that sport. If your back is stiff, or are recovering from injury, every exercise is designed to help you move more freely, away from pain. And so on.

I call this deliberate movement.

I don’t believe in doing exercises for the sake of doing them, especially ones you hate and always struggle with. Since taking this approach, I’ve seen a massive difference in the progress my clients are making. They find it easier to practice exercises when they know the difference they’re making and are easier to fit in.

They’re also making much quicker progress, meaning that they’re achieving their initial goals a lot sooner and starting to work on bigger goals.

How will you feel if you achieve a goal that seems so far away from you right now, quickly and can start working on something you’ve only dreamed of?

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Next time, I will talk about Nourish.