Why I Run

It's just gone 5am, I switch the alarm off, get out of bed, kit on, tie my laces and head out the door to my happy place - going for a run. I don't do this every day though. I have a rest day on a Monday and go out later at the weekends. Running is

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Freetrain V1 Vest Review

It’s always good to have new kit to help streamline our training and hopefully help us perform better. How about something that holds your keys, phone and other items in one place? I was recently given a Freetrain V1 Vest to try out and here's my review. This is my honest opinion on the product.

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What Should I Wear When I Run?

"What should I wear when I run?" "What are the best clothes to wear for running?" I get asked this a lot at my 0-5k group and from PT clients looking to get into running. There are a few things to consider so if you're thinking about this as well, here are a few tips:

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