In 2 weeks time, I will be running the Edinburgh Marathon. 

It only feels like yesterday that training started (first Monday in January) but now the race that seemed so far in the distance is coming into sharper focus.

Do I feel on track? We’ll soon find out!

I’ve done more 20 mile runs this time than I’ve done for any other marathon I’ve ever run. I certainly feel prepared anyway.

I know that it all comes down to what happens on the day so I’m not getting too carried away. I’ve been there before where I’ve gone into the race with high expectations only to fall short for whatever reason.

Here’s what I’ll be focusing on these next 2 weeks. If you’re running Edinburgh, or another marathon, maybe this can be helpful for you.


The big runs are done! I’ve still got a few key sessions to do this week and that will be my focus. When I say key, the sessions I’ve been doing have been focused on my form as much as speed so I’ll still be working on these this week and next.

My ultimate goal is to get as close to 3hrs as I can by running as efficiently as I can and so the remaining sessions will be about quality as much as quantity.

This can be a time where we start thinking “I’ve not done enough training!” You have done and this is just nerves starting to come into play.

Trust in the process you’ve been on and focus on the quality of your remaining runs. This can be a good time to think about how you want to run on the day and practice it.

Rest and Recovery

This is one of the most important factors as we get closer to race day.

I believe that how we look after ourselves between runs is as important as the runs themselves. Even more so when training for a big event, help keep us in shape and reduce the risk of injury.

Getting good quality sleep and working on mobility have been an important part of my training so far.

Mobility training is a huge part of the work I do with my PT and Running Coaching clients. It’s about getting the joints moving better so I feel looser when I run, run quicker with less effort and reduce the load going through my body. This means I can recover quicker.

The mobility training I’ve been doing has been a mix of general exercises I’ve been doing daily and some more specific to the movement of running, I do in the evenings.

Here are some….



This is the other important factor! 

It’s making sure I eat good food that will give me the energy I need and sustain me for what’s yet to come. This has been an interesting journey of learning what works and what doesn’t.

Fortunately, I’ve found a pattern and basically, I’ve been eating the same things every day for the last few months and I’m happy! The best addition I’ve made so far is having a late afternoon bowl of porridge.

This gives me the perfect balance between lunch and dinner and stops me eating anything in sight until my next meal!

Hopefully, you’ve found what is working for you.

Now is not the time to try something new. The last thing you want is to feel tempted by a takeaway or something and end up needing a toilet stop during the race!


I’ve been working with High 5 gels so far and they’ve been great! I used to use Science In Sport gels and while they’re good, I found their caffeine gels didn’t sit well in my stomach.

I’ve had no issues at all with High 5 and the great news is that they’re the supplier for the Edinburgh Marathon so that means I won’t have to carry many with me on the day.

It’s always useful to get used to gels and drinks during longer training runs. Not only to see if they agree with you but also to find a strategy of when to take them. I’ve been taking one every 45 minutes so far and seems to be working well.

I’m happy with how everything’s gone so far and it’s just keeping everything going this week and scale back the running next week.

How are you feeling about your training?

If you’re doing Edinburgh, see you on the start line!