Can I Train With A Friend or Partner?

Yes! I work with a few clients and their partners, where they've got similar goals and they can train together. That way you can split the cost between you. My clients who do this tell me they find it easier when they train with their partners and can motivate each other.

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How much does it cost to pay per session?

I don't work with people on a pay as you go basis. From experience, the people I have worked with in this way have only achieved very limited results. I recommend the package to get better, longer lasting results. There are occasions where I can offer a few sessions such as a gift idea or

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What happens after the 12 weeks?

You can either renew the program on the same basis, renew to fortnightly or monthly sessions, or continue your journey on your own. It depends on your goals and how you feel about your progress. The same package but with fortnightly sessions are the most popular.

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