Fit At 50

What’s Fit At 50?

Fit At 50 is a program designed to help men and women who have recently turned 50 to become fitter, healthier and happier than they’ve ever been.

I recently turned 50 myself, feel I now have an opportunity to do more, create a better life and want to help others do the same. The program has been designed around everything I’ve learned from courses to the people I’ve worked with in 20 years of working in the fitness industry.

This program is for you if:

  • You’ve recently turned 50, want to get back into exercising but not sure where, or how, to get started.
  • You’ve been a member of gyms, been on every diet and want something you can achieve longer-lasting results with
  • You want a new challenge or have a big goal and need some help to get you there
  • You’ve got a recurring back or joint problem, want to exercise safely and move away from pain
  • You’re fed up and want to feel better about yourself again

It’s ok if you’re not 50 yet, I can help you too :)

My Fit At 50 program is built on the following 4 pillars


What’s important for you to achieve? What would you really love to be able to do? How would you like to feel? 

When you become clear on what you want, you’ll find the journey easier than you may think. You’ll feel like you’re continuously moving towards your goal and the changes required to get there will feel easy to make.

Mindset | Fit At 50 | Steve Bonthrone
Movement | Fit At 50 | Steve Bonthrone


Everything begins with movement, moving more frequently and moving better. The first step is to help you get your body moving better, become more active and enjoy exercising again. Here we build flexibility, mobility, strength and stamina so you feel looser, fitter, your posture improving and generally feeling a difference.

You’ll always feel challenged but eager to practice to become better, discover what you can do that you couldn’t do before and feel excited about what you’re achieving.


It can be so confusing knowing what’s healthy and what looks healthy and isn’t. It can also be easy to follow a diet but as we all know, a short while after you return to eating ‘normal’, you begin to gain the weight you’ve lost. I believe a simpler approach can get better results without deliberately cutting things out.

Improving HOW you eat as much as WHAT you eat will help you naturally reduce portion sizes, you enjoy your food more and naturally eliminate the foods that are no longer helping you.

Nourishment | Fit At 50 | Steve Bonthrone
Recover | Fit At 50 | Steve Bonthrone


Getting results is not just about diet and exercise. What you do the rest of the time makes a huge difference and can influence your chances of success.

I’ll help you get better quality sleep and look after your body so that you feel relaxed, energised, achieve more in less time every day and perform at your best when you exercise

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