Sometimes, when you can’t see the wood for the trees, we can become so bogged down by the most trivial things that we may end up missing the little things that remind us of who we are and why we do what we do and force us to change our way of thinking that could make a massive difference in breaking the cycle.

I always like to write posts based on the questions people ask me but today I wanted to write something that happened recently to me and hope that it helps others too.

In addition to my own business, I co-organise the Perth 10k race and a few months ago had lost my enthusiasm for the event that I had been involved with since 2011. I found myself becoming bogged down with various aspects of putting the race together especially as my partner had been become busier with his own work and was likely to be away when the event was on. It felt a bit like I was spinning plates and when you’ve lost your desire for one job and you’ve no option but to keep on going, it can be hard to put your all into it.

That was until an email arrived a few days before the event from a lady who said she was keen to run but would take 1hr 30mins and was concerned that she would be keeping everyone waiting. It was the email I had been needing as reading her email, and responding to her, reminded me WHY I took over the race in the first place. I took control the race to appeal to more runners and use it as a means to try to inspire people to take up running. The strapline I created for the event was “first or last, it’s the same finish line”. Writing that email to her, all the memories of creating those values came back to me and totally changed the way I was looking at the event. We went on to have a very successful event and my desire quickly returned and already I’m looking forward to next year.

The next moment came on Saturday when, as first Saturday of the month, it was pacers day at Perth Parkrun. Pacing at Parkrun is something I’ve done for just over a year and a half and absolutely love it! I always felt it was a great way for me to utilise my skills and I also discovered that it’s a great way to learn how to pace my own runs as it isn’t easy to hold the same pace consistently for 3.1 miles, particularly at a slower pace than I would normally run at. The thing I love about it is being able to help coach those who are running with me and helping them run a faster time than they thought they might when they started. I gave some tips to a few people as we went round, especially a girl who told me she wasn’t a good runner. I asked her to describe what a good runner looks like and challenged her beliefs that she wasn’t one. When she began to believe that she might actually be a good runner, her posture changed and she started to speed up. Another woman who was beside me, Susan, told me she her recent best time was just over 27mins (the pace I was running at) and wanted to try to get under it. I gave her a few tips in the last km before giving her one last instruction with 100m to go. When I saw her afterwards, she told me she had run 26:38 – 30 seconds faster than her recent best time – and was very happy judging by the smile on her face.

keep your head up

Celebrating my 100th Parkrun by helping others

This experience helped me recharge my own training as I had lost a bit of consistency in recent weeks due to a cut on my foot and with the Perth 10k. I went out yesterday and had the best run I’ve had in a long time. I firmly believe that if I hadn’t responded to that email the way I did, the event wouldn’t have been as good for me as it was due to still letting minor things affect the way I went into it. I also believe that if I didn’t have pacers day, my own training would still be struggling along and I wouldn’t have run as far as I did yesterday.

It always pays to keep your head up and your eyes open no matter how you’re feeling or how bad you fear things are. There are always little signs out there trying to reach you to remind you how good you actually are and the difference you make. Hold your head up and keep reminding yourself of your why. You CAN do it