How good are you at sticking to resolutions or achieving the goals you set at the start of 2018?

Now’s the time we usually set new goals for 2019 and commit to resolutions that will probably last a week or two!

Before setting new goals, it’s useful to review the goals from the year gone by to see how well we’ve done with them, learn from them and use them to help us set our new goals.

Here’s how to achieve your goals in 2019

Review Your 2018 Goals

I wrote a post on my running blog called Positive Behaviours with my goals for 2018. My goals were:

  1. Switch off social media by 9.30pm every night
  2. Read for at least 30 minutes every night
  3. Do 5 minutes of mobility exercises at least 3 times a day
  4. Read a blog post every day
  5. Take 30 minutes out of each day for me.

Out of those 5 goals, or positive behaviours, I was consistent with number 3, was ok with 1 and 5 and failed miserably with 2 and 4. My success with number 3 was partially down to doing them with clients during sessions .but also because I understood why I was doing them. I knew how they would benefit me.

I came to appreciate number 5 and will be taking this forward in 2019.

The problem with the others was that I made the mistake of creating the actions without having a greater goal that they would lead towards or a deadline for them to be achieved by.

Goals Need Deadlines

Without the goals or a deadline, effectively writing that post was a waste of time as there was no meaning behind it. Sure, the behaviours were good in essence but without the higher purpose, there was no desire or urgency to actually create them.

A goal needs a meaning, a deadline and a series of actions or behaviours that will lead to the goal being successfully achieved.

To set goals you can and will achieve and avoid making the mistakes I made, try the following steps:

  1. Write down your main goal, the one that will have the biggest impact on your life
    You might have a few goals but pick out the main one and go into as much detail about that goal. Losing weight and getting fit are common goals but they’re not clear enough. Be specific about them. Why are they important to you? What difference will they make to your life? What will happen if you don’t achieve it?
  2. Set a deadline
    When would you like to achieve your goal by? Is there a particular event, holiday or occasion that you want to achieve that goal by? If the deadline is at least 3 months away, can you break down the goal and set shorter-term deadlines. For example, if you’re running a marathon in April, think about a monthly target.
  3. Write down the steps you will need to get there
    What do you need to do in order to achieve your goals? Regardless of what your goal is, think about your lifestyle, money, exercise and relationships as these are likely to be connected. Write down all the steps you can think of.
  4. Pick out the step that needs to be taken first and go do it
    The problem for us all is trying to make too many changes at once, becoming overwhelmed by them and everything falling apart. Some of the changes will take time to master whereas some can feel quite easy. Pick out the easiest step for you to manage and go do it. Do it every day and become good at it so you find yourself doing it without having to think about it. Once you’ve done that, pick out another step and repeat the same process.

My main personal goal for 2019 is that I want to run a sub 3 hour marathon at Loch Ness on 6th October. I would love to get a Good For Age time place for the London Marathon and while my target is actually sub 3:10, I know that I will need to get 3 hours or below to get the place.


As we know, a goal needs to serve a purpose. My reason for the sub 3 marathon is that my marathon journey began in London in 1998, the race that changed my life and inspired me to become a PT and I would love to return there having earned my place.

It also represents a great challenge for me and means I will have to work hard and step right out of my comfort zone to achieve it. I love the thrill of these kind of challenges and is similar in many ways to when I did the 4 races in Edinburgh in 2014.


I already have my plan in place as until Christmas and New Year, I was already running on the days I will be running on throughout my plan so all I need to do is ease back into the sessions again. I will also be working on improving my sleep quality and improving my diet as they will also impact on my training. This will mean switching tv/social media earlier, going to bed on time and perhaps reading more to help me sleep better. Essentially the behaviours I had set out to do in 2018!

How To Achieve Your Goals in 2019 | Steve Bonthrone Fitness in 2019 | Personal Trainer Perth

To achieve success, we need to fulfil all of these elements

Whether you goal is to run a marathon, lose weight or get fitter, lifestyle and recovery are every bit as important as what you eat and your training plan.

First step

The first step for me is getting my running shoes on and heading out the door. I’ve already been training, have done some training over the festive period but getting that first proper run in again will make the difference. This inspires me to eat things that will give me more energy, getting better sleep so that I feel energised for training sessions and work.

The most important aspect when setting goals is understanding what difference it will make to our lives as this is the glue that will hold everything together and determine the chances of our success.

To run sub 3 hours and get that place would mean the world to me. The journey will bring together everything I’ve ever learned in fitness and in running. Doing specific sessions I know work, at the right times that will make the difference I want. Many people make the mistake of cherry picking sessions from other plans and either they don’t work that well or the runner gets injured .

The sessions I do are the same sessions I include in the training plans I write for others.

I would never ask anyone to do any kind of session that I don’t already do myself and know it works and also why it works.

Self Doubt

It will also put to bed the self-doubt that has held me back for years. The chances I missed because I didn’t feel I was good enough and I don’t want to feel like that anymore.

What would happen if I didn’t achieve it? Of course, the world isn’t going to stop revolving and Donald Trump will continue to irritate everyone. For me, life will continue as it always has done and I will still be happy but I would see this as an opportunity missed. An open goal missed. I will go on to operate within my comfort zone and probably always wonder “what if?”. 

In 2019, I want to discover what I’m truly capable of and inspire more people to do the same. I know I can do this and want to recapture the excitement and satisfaction I felt completing my first marathon in 1998 and also that day in Edinburgh 2014.

How To Achieve Your Goals in 2019 | Steve Bonthrone Fitness in 2019 | Personal Trainer Perth

If I can do it, so can you

What’s your goal for 2019? What are your answers to the questions I asked? What help do you need to achieve them?

If you would like to step out of your comfort zone and achieve something you’ve always dreamed of, get in touch here and let’s have a chat.
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