You see your friends posting on social media about their runs.

You might even be sick of hearing your friends and colleagues talk about their running and showing you their medals from races.

Perhaps you’re secretly jealous and would like to be able to run too. Are you confused about what to wear, not sure if you can afford the shoes or know your fartlek from your tempo?

Let me help you and guide you on how to start running.

How To Start Running

The first thing I’d say is to keep it simple, put on your most comfortable pair of training shoes get out the door and go run. Despite what you may have read or heard, it IS actually that simple.

Let’s break it down further, cover the essentials and wade through some of the advice you may have heard or read about:

What to wear

You don’t have to go out and buy yourself a whole new outfit, unless you want to, of course. Wear some light clothing, the kit you wear to exercise in will do just fine at this stage. If you’re not currently exercising then a pair of old jogging bottoms and a t-shirt will do the job.


You might have seen the price of  shoes and thought running’s a pretty expensive sport! While going to a running shop and getting fitted for a pair is worthwhile, it isn’t entirely necessary to start with.

You can get started with a comfortable pair of shoes, like the ones you wear to the gym. Once you’re getting into your running then it’s worth investing in a pair from the running shop.

How To Run

You’ve got your kit sorted, now it’s time to actually run. If you’ve never run before, knowing how to run can be daunting.

There are a couple of options you can consider. Try doing the Couch to 5k program or try my very own 0-5k group. Couch to 5k is a free program that will help you get to 5k in 9 weeks.

My own 0-5k program is a paid for program, takes just 4 weeks and costs £30. The reason my group lasts just 4 weeks is that I will help you discover the right pace for you to run at so you get the hang of it fairly quickly and progress better. 

Most people tend to find running the 5k far less daunting than they did at the beginning and enjoy a great sense of achievement once they’ve completed it.

You can also simply arrange to meet up with friends and go running. My tip would be to keep the conversation flowing while you run and if you can achieve that, you’ll be onto a winner.

Measuring Your Runs

I’m sure you’ll be aware of Garmin and Strava and knowing how far, how fast you run and whether you got a PB or not. It can be easy to get carried away and become obsessed with all the data but for most people, all this is NOT important.

Feeling comfortable, in control of your breathing and enjoying your runs ARE important. Measure your time spent running and focus on increasing it in the short term.

Be Consistent

This is THE most important thing. Set aside 3 days a week for running and stick to it. It only has to be 10-20 minutes at a time to begin with but stick to it. You’ll likely find that you start to look forward to your runs.

Who’d have thought eh?

  1. Wear what feels comfortable 
  2. Try Couch to 5k or 0-5k or go running with friends
  3. Be consistent

Enjoy your runs

Above all else, focus on enjoying your runs. Most people I work with tend to try to run too fast and as a result, find it hard to breathe. Slow down, focus on making your runs feel easy.

If you can find a way of making it feel easy, you’re more likely to keep running.

Have you started running or thinking about starting? What are your thoughts? What are your fears? Perhaps I can help you