Have you been running for a while but not making the progress you’d like to see? Would you like to be able to run faster but hate doing interval training? My Improvers Running program will be able to help you run faster and more efficiently

What is the Improvers Running Program?

Improvers is a running group that does what it says on the tin! It is designed for those already able to run 5k and more who want to be able to improve their times and quality of their runs. Ideal if you’ve been running for some time and not making any progress.

I’m not fast!

It doesn’t really matter how fast or slow you are, the sessions are designed to help you improve your form as well as speed. We work on proven techniques to improve your mobility so you will feel that you’re running stronger, quicker and feel it easier at the same time. You will be among other runners keen to become better and this can often help you develop quicker.

What will I learn?

You will learn techniques on how to improve your mobility in order to get more efficiency and improve the quality of your foot strike so you will feel more springy when you run. We also work on different paces so you can discover how they feel and enable you to pace your own runs better. No more running at the one pace and holding it for as long as you can! You will be given some homework to practice between sessions which usually tends to be what we’ve worked on in that session. You can also get support in between sessions through my private Facebook group.

I’ve got a race coming up, will this help me?

Yes. The work we do here will improve the quality of your training runs and I can give you advice on how to structure your training and also help you plan for race day.

This sounds just what I need, how do I join?

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Where We Meet

Improvers Running Group Perth

Next Block Starts

Thursday 11th January

Session Times

Thursday19:15 – 20:15


The 5 week program costs £25