Lost Your Mojo? How to rediscover it and more

If you’ve recently been on holiday and haven’t done a single bit of exercise or eaten as healthy as you usually do or have the motivation to get back in the groove again since you came back then I want you to know that you’re not alone. You might even have run your marathon or target race and done very little since or not been on holiday and recognise this from a time in the past. You may have seen many people on your Facebook or Twitter timeline in a similar position and in need of help finding their mojo and you may need help in finding yours?

It’s ok, I have a solution! First of all, let me explain why your mojo has disappeared and I’ll help you rediscover it.

The loss of your mojo is likely to have come from you having achieved your goal and not having set a new one. Most people set a goal to get fit and in shape for a holiday or train for a particular race or event but as soon as that holiday/race/event comes and goes, we’re often left at a loose end with nothing to train for. When we set the goal, the mind focuses solely on the deadline we set and we keep going until that day comes. Once the holiday/race/event passes, it can be pretty difficult to get back to the activity and healthy diet we had before or at least done with the same amount of energy and determination.

How do we fix it? We need to set a new goal or, better still, a cluster of goals so we don’t end up in the same place again after we achieve the next goal. If you’re setting a cluster of goals then they need to have different deadlines so this could be one for each month or one to get you through the next month or two, one for October and November and the other around Christmas/New Year. The goals also need to be meaningful with as much value as the one just past to make it worth the effort to go after. It’s ok if one of the goals you have in mind seems very ambitious and you’re not sure that you can achieve it. Go for it anyway, you will either achieve it or you will still be in a better position than you’re in just now. You can’t fail!

Once you’ve set the goal or goals then all you need to do is decide what you need to do differently from now in order to achieve them. Remember, a few small changes done one or two at a time can be more effective and easier to maintain than making a lot of changes in one go. It should be fairly easy to get back on track as you’ve already done it and so it will be easier to get back to the level you were before you stopped than it took to get there to begin with. If getting back into the routine you were in before, it might be worth trying a different approach or adding more variety to it. The body can get used to a routine pretty quickly and if nothing changes, it can often lead to a plateau so a freshen up can give you a new challenge and one to get that buzz back again.

Let’s recap, to get your mojo back try these steps:

  1. Set a new goal or a few goals
  2. Ensure the goals are meaningful and of high value to you – even if you think it’s very ambitious
  3. Make sure the goals have different deadlines so once you achieve one, you go straight on to the next one
  4. Make a few small changes and do one at a time to make it easier to maintain
  5. Freshen up your workouts to keep you energised and on your toes
  6. Have fun on your new journey

The main thing is to dare to believe that you can go on and achieve better results than before. What’s stopping you?

Are you in this position? What did you achieve? What are your new goals? Can I help you achieve them?

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