Run Your Best In Your Next Race

You’ve taken the plunge and signed up for a marathon and you need a training plan to help you prepare for your big day. The challenge can be finding the right plan for you that will not only help you achieve your goal but also fit into your busy schedule. You can mix and match plans but apart from doing what the plan says, you’ve no way of knowing if it will work until race day. 

What happens if you get busy with work, pick up an injury or become unwell? Trying to play catch up isn’t always a good idea and can often make things worse. Missing sessions and losing consistency with your plan can lead to a loss in motivation as well as confidence.

What if you had a plan where you knew exactly where you were, what you’re trying to achieve in each session, regular targets to work towards and stand on the starting line of your race feeling confident that you’re going to have a great run? Allow me to make your life easier and create a training plan exclusively for you.

Marathon Training Plan

You want a training plan that will work for you but don’t need the coaching. My training plans are designed to:

  • Fit Around Your Schedule

  • Build On Your Current Abilities and Fitness

  • 16 Weeks of Training

  • Enjoy Your Runs Without Constantly Having To Check Your Watch

  • Feel Confident On The Start Line

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Marathon Training Plan Plus

This package will help develop you as a runner, looking at your form and creating a conditioning plan to help you run more efficiently and quicker. I will help you get into the right mindset so you can run your best when it matters. This package offers the same as Marathon Training plus:

  • Running Form Analysis

  • Personalised Conditioning Plan To Help You Run More Efficiently And Faster

  • Monthly Review And Updates

  • Strategies For Key Sessions And Race Day

  • Specific Focus And Target For Each Month

Marathon Training

£5000 One-off payment
  • Initial Video Call
  • 16 Week Training Plan To Fit Around Your Schedule
  • One Time Payment
  • Race Day Strategy
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Marathon Training Plus

£40Monthly for minimum 4 months
  • Initial Video Call
  • Monthly Training Plan To Fit Around Your Schedule
  • Monthly Payment
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Running Form Analysis
  • Personalised Conditioning Plan
  • Monthly Review & Update of Plan
  • Specific Focus & Target For Each Month
  • Long Runs & Race Day Strategies

How It Works

  1. Choose your package and click on the ‘Start Now” button
  2. We arrange a video call to discuss your target race, current training and your goals for the target race, 
  3. I arrange your training plan as discussed.
  4. You run