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Online Running Coaching

Discover how to run faster for longer, run more efficiently, reduce your risk of injury and become the runner you wish to be.

Welcome to Online Running Coaching

Have you lost your mojo for running?

Do you feel frustrated that you’re not making the progress you want no matter how hard you train?

Would you like to step up a level in terms of performance but not sure how to go about it?

Would you like to able to run without getting injured all the time?

I CAN help you!

What is Online Running Coaching?

Online Running Coaching is more than just a training plan for running. It’s about developing you as a runner to help you perform at your best when you want to.

We will work on improving your mobility and flexibility as well as strength and speed. We will also work on developing your skills to enhance your form so you can run more efficiently. How would you like to be able to run faster while using less effort?

In our sessions, we will catch up on how you’re performing, how you feel and set little targets for each month to keep you feeling motivated. We will go through some exercises to help you move better and become fitter and stronger. I will film myself doing the exercises and send you the clip so you can watch it back while you practice them.

Rest and recovery is as important as your running sessions and so I’ll guide you on how to look after your body so you can continue to perform at your best and reduce your risk of injury.

Ready to Start?

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The Online Running Coaching Package

  • Monthly video calls
  • Bespoke Training Plan

  • Bespoke Conditioning Plan

  • Monthly Targets
  • Weekly Support Text/Email

£60 per month

I came to Steve after a long period of injury and wanted some help to achieve my long standing dream of running a sub 3.15 marathon. He really got me training in a different way and allowed my body to reach its peak at just the right time. Steve always gave good feedback and was very encouraging – even when I was beating myself up. One of Steve’s key sessions are his form drills. It took me a while to get the hang of them but I suddenly found myself smashing out great 5k times. The outcome? I only got a marathon PB of……….3 hours and 13 minutes! They say age is just a number but the most miraculous aspect of all this? I’m 51!!! Yet Steve has now made me feel that I am capable of more. Always patient, always positive and always constructive – Steve has helped me so much. Unfortunately he’s created a bit of a monster!!!

Kate Marchant

I first met Steve when he was pacing at Perth parkrun and he helped me get under 26 minutes for the first time. I really wanted to do a marathon and so asked Steve if he would coach me. He was very detailed about his approach and helped me strengthen my hips and work out little niggles, which was invaluable. He encouraged me to get to know what my pace actually feels like, weaning me off my dependence on my Garmin, which made a huge difference to me. His tactics for starting to build up the long runs made me excited to go out and do them, made them fun, but also made me see that the time it takes to cover certain distances can be done in a steady way.

I loved my training, and the marathon itself was a fantastic day that I’m still buzzing from and want to do it all over again!

Helen Walden

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