Over the last 18 years as a Personal Trainer, the biggest thing I’ve learned from all the people I’ve worked with is that everyone is different and that a one size fits all program doesn’t work.

You, your goals and even the way you move are all unique and that’s why I believe in designing a program that’s unique for you.

I want to tell you more about HOW I do what I do. Tell you about my process, give you an idea of what it’s like to work with me and what you can expect if you decided to hire me.

It’s the process I use to help you achieve the goals you want and also achieve more than you currently believe is possible!

The first step in the process is Step 1: Painting Pictures

What is Painting Pictures?

In our first session, we’ll delve a bit deeper into your goals. I call it painting pictures as I want you to imagine what your life will be like once you achieve your goals.

Your goal might be to lose some weight, get fit, improve your strength, run a marathon or something else entirely. This is great but as I’ve seen all too often over the years is that the reason most people falter, is that these kind of goals lack clarity.

What does fit even mean?

An easy way to resolve that is by imagining you’ve already achieved your goals, like you’re there just now. What are the things you’re doing that you aren’t doing just now? What clothes are you wearing, the places you’re going and more importantly, how you’re feeling.

When you become aware of all these details, they add meaning and they truly become your goals. When you become aware of how you feel having achieved all this, it adds emotion to it as well and you never forget this.

Why is this important?

You gain clarity you’ve maybe never had before. You know exactly what you’re working towards that you can almost reach out and touch it. This makes motivation to exercise and make changes so much easier. Everything you do feels like it’s moving you a step closer.

Another benefit is that all of a sudden, your goal helps you make better decisions. You can ask yourself if what you’re about to do/eat is going to help you achieve your goal. If you can answer ‘yes’ straight away, go for it but if you have to think about it stop and do something else instead that will help.

This is very powerful and you can gain a lot of confidence from it.

This brings us neatly on to the next step in the process, Step 2: Laying Foundations