Planting Trees

I’m excited to announce that for every person signing up for one of my Personal Training packages or joins my Running Academy, I will plant a tree in their name. I believe we should look at how we can do our bit to help the planet, as well as ourselves, as we live with covid-19 and beyond it.

I want to help by inspiring people to join me in planting trees. By planting trees, we can help stabilise the climate, support wildlife and communities and protect endangered species.

Planting Trees | Steve Bonthrone Fitness

Where the trees will be planted

I have teamed up with the charity Trees for Life to create a grove within their project to rewild the Caledonian Forest, near Loch Ness. Please take some time to check out the great work they do and come back!

How it works

When someone signs up, I will plant a tree in that person’s name and that will appear on my page. The page is set up like on JustGiving so you will see your listing and there is also the opportunity for you to plant additional trees for yourself, family, friends or colleagues. You can view my page here.

Are you ready to make a difference?

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