I want to tell you about the 4-Step process I use to help my clients achieve their goals and often go on to achieve way more than they originally hoped for when they started.

The first two steps are Painting Pictures and Laying Foundations.

The next step on the journey is:

Step 3: Practice, Learn, Grow

This is where the magic happens!

This is where you discover you’re capable of way more than you currently believe.

Everything we do is about practicing to become better. Whether that’s in exercise, your diet or lifestyle, it’s all about practice every task, learn as you go and grow to become stronger.

This is also where we introduce you to an unlikely new friend – failure. I see failure as a wonderful learning tool that can guide you to achieve amazing things rather than the setback we normally perceive failure to be.

Failure Is A Great Measurement Tool

In the context of exercising, failure is a great measurement tool.

Every exercise you do is designed to be done in a specific way that will benefit you so all you need to do is practice it until you reach the point where you can’t do it the same way or you physically can’t do another one.

Progress comes when you’re able to do more before you reach failure.

When you’re making changes to your diet and lifestyle, there’s always going to be the day where things don’t go according to plan.

Your day is turned upside down and you go for something quick or grab a takeaway. It can feel like you’ve failed, undone all your good work. The thing is, if you think of what you could do differently next time to get a better outcome, you’ll instantly have a solution. If you’ve learned something that will help you next time, you haven’t failed.

When you do this and learn from it, you’ll become stronger and accelerate you towards your goals.

There is no such thing as failure, only an opportunity to learn.

Challenge Yourself

This journey is not about me giving you a series of exercises and workouts you always find hard and never seem to be getting better at. I don’t like that approach and it’s not very motivating.

Your workouts are going to challenge you and you’ll discover things you’re not great at. Things like your balance. That’s ok. I’m deliberately looking for where you’re likely to be weaker so you can practice to become stronger.

The purpose of each workout is to challenge you so you feel the desire to practice to become better because you know the difference it’ll make.

This is much like when you learned to ride a bike when you were a kid. When you fell off, you got back up and practiced so you could master it.

The workouts won’t be easy, you don’t want them to be easy otherwise you don’t learn anything.

When you challenge yourself, you quickly notice what you become able to do, how that makes you feel and the desire to keep going and see what else you become able to do.

THAT is where the magic happens and you discover what you’re truly capable of!

The next step is simple – Achieve

If you’ve felt inspired by reading this post and would love to discover what you’re capable of, get in touch and let’s chat, paint some pictures.