I never thought I’d see the day where I would be writing a post reviewing a pair of underpants and the fact that I am gives a great indication to how good they are! I’ve been aware of Runderwear and their products for a while now and invested in a couple of pairs of their briefs recently so I thought I would tell you my thoughts on them.


What is Runderwear?

The name gives you an idea of what the products are but Runderwear produce¬†a range of seamless, moisture wicking underwear for sport. The purpose is to keep wearers chafe free and comfortable during sport. As everyone knows, there’s nothing worse than chafing from a run and while I can’t speak for women, I know full well how it is for men and how painful it is when the captain and the twins get chafed! These briefs are made with moisture wicking material and are also seamless, which is a bonus.


How do they feel?

Absolutely fantastic! They feel very comfortable as soon as you put them on and once you’re out on a run, you forget you’ve actually got them on, which is a total contrast to the normal underwear I normally wear. It’s funny as they have “Don’t Go Commando” on the inside of the briefs at the top. I’ve never considered that and have no plans to change that!

I would highly recommend them for both men and women. If you can run and not feel like you’re wearing them then that’s a great sign. You can either buy them direct from Runderwear or Wiggle. I would describe them as the best bit of kit you don’t already have and you’ll wonder why you haven’t bought them already.

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