Where we meet

Progression Running Group | Perth Running Club | Steve Bonthrone Fitness

Session Times

Wednesdays 06.30 – 07.15

Thursdays 19.15 – 20.00


The Progression running group is a natural step up for those who have completed 0-5k or for existing runners looking to run further or faster or both!

Think of being able to run better so that you can hold your pace for the whole run or finish stronger rather than slowing down. Think of being able to run more efficiently so that running faster feels somewhat easier. Think of being able to run at different paces and not just your usual one pace or fast or a slow jog. 

You will learn:

  • Different paces, how they feel and when to use them
  • How to develop your form over a longer distance
  • How to pace your runs better so you can finish stronger

That’s what we’ll be working on in these sessions. We’ll be aiming to help develop your pace and help you be able to tackle inclines and descents with greater ease and confidence. This group works in tandem with Running Skills so we’ll be looking to take the form you’re creating in that session and develop it so you can maintain it over a longer distance.

How much are the sessions?


£3000per month
  • This entitles you to attend one class per week + Recovery Run + parkrun meet up


£3000per month
  • This entitles you to attend as many classes as you wish