The week between Christmas and New Year is always a bit strange. What are you supposed to do? Not that there’s much we’re able to do right now due to Covid! This is a good time to Recharge.

I’ve got two reasons for writing this post. The first in the hope that it helps you and secondly, recharge is one of 4 elements that underpin all my training plans and so now seems like a good idea to tell you about them. The others are Nourish, Active and Focus and I’ll tell you about them in the coming days.

What is Recharge?

For most people who are off work, this week presents a great chance to relax and recharge the batteries ahead of the new year. Recharge, to me, is about looking after your body and covers the following two areas:

  • Sleep
  • Activity

What it is NOT is sitting down with your feet up! Quite the opposite actually!

One of the most important things is getting good quality sleep. I’d say it’s the cornerstone of good health and can influence your moods, diet and performance in exercise. You might begin to see the connection between this and the other elements I mentioned earlier.

Around 40% of people in the UK don’t get enough sleep, according to The Sleep Council (they have an excellent range of articles if you need help). One way to know if your sleep is good is if you have a peaceful night and wake up feeling energised. I know I need to do better with this.

You work hard, it’s been a stressful year and so it’s understandable if you feel exhausted right now.

My own tips for getting better sleep are to have a set time for going to sleep, switching off social media channels/emails/the internet at least 30 minutes before you want to go to sleep and listen to some relaxing music or read a book. 

Another good tip is to go for a late evening walk to reflect on the day gone by. This can be a useful way to help the mind to process unresolved issues and help it unwind.


I would normally talk about stretching but I think activity is more appropriate. Getting up to stretch is good but is largely pointless if we sit back down again afterwards. We already sit for far too long and too often at work as it is so this is a good time to get up and move more frequently.

Activity can cover a number of things, and you can do anything, but I would suggest keeping the intensity low.

Doing a yoga class, going for a walk, doing some mobility exercises little and often and even doing some housework can help. This is always a good thing as most people don’t move as much as they should do and I’ll talk more about this in my post about movement. This is a good time to try and get 10,000 steps a day!

Over to you! What are you up to this week? What do you do to help your body recharge? How good is your sleep right now?

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