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Run Club Perth | Steve Bonthrone Fitness | Running Club in Perth

Run Club

Would you like to be able to run without feeling breathless? Would you like to run more efficiently so you can run quicker whilst making it feel easier than it is right now? Have you run before but not for some time and would like to get back into it?

Come join my run club and develop your running and have some fun alongside many others in a similar position to you.

What You Can Expect


I’m already running and would like to run faster, will this help?2020-02-09T18:24:16+00:00

Definitely! We work on improving efficiency and so this will work for everyone from the beginner to the regular runner who wants to run faster

I’ve signed up for a half marathon, will this help me?2020-02-09T18:24:16+00:00

Yes. This can work well as part of your training to learn about pacing and some of the drills we do will help you with your other runs too

I haven’t run for ages, will I be ok to join?2020-02-09T18:24:16+00:00

Yes! The sessions are tailored for everyone to focus on their own pace and how it feels so you will be fine

I don’t want to hold everyone up2020-02-09T18:24:16+00:00

You’re encouraged to focus on you and not expected to keep up with anyone else so everyone gets the same experience 

Five weeks ago I would never of thought I could run 5K I could barely run the length of myself. Today I managed to run my second run and quicker than the first one 🙂

Amy Crawford

Never thought I’d ever be able to run 5k, but that’s exactly what I did tonight! Brilliant support, he makes you believe you can do it. I’d recommend Steve Bonthrone Fitness to anyone 🙂

Gill Nelson

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Thursdays 18.30-19.30


Run Club Perth | Steve Bonthrone Fitness

We meet on the North Inch Perth, just off Rose Terrace

How Much?

£8 per session or £30 per month

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