Run Club

Learn how to run 5km comfortably in just 4 weeks!

My Run Club is essentially a running club in Perth for those who don’t feel confident about joining a running club!

I want to help you get into running, be able to run, enjoy the experience for how it makes you feel and discover that you can do more than you think.

Run Club is on every Thursday from 6.30 – 7.30pm and is for you if:

  • You want to get into running in 2024
  • You used to run regularly, got out the way and would love to get back into it
  • Running feels really hard for you and you’d love to make it feel easier and more enjoyable
  • You would love to run and would prefer to be among others than top out yourself

My initial target is to help you become able to run 5km comfortable in the first month and if you’re up for it, see where the journey takes us :-)

Where we meet

Run Club | Steve Bonthrone Running

We meet at the stone circle area on the North Inch, just off Rose Terrace.

How Much Does It Cost?

£20 per month

What the runners say

“You gave me the confidence to achieve something I truly never thought I’d be able to do!”

Stephanie Scott