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Learn how to pace your runs better, make them feel easier and more enjoyable!

*Due to current restrictions, the sessions are being run as online classes with additional coaching*

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Welcome to Run Fit

Have you lost your motivation for running? 

Do you feel frustrated that you’re not making the progress you want to see in your training?

Have you recently started running and would like to be able to run further or faster?

Would you like to enjoy your running again?

I CAN help you!

What is Run Fit?

Run Fit is a weekly outdoor class in Perth where we work on a mix of stretches, mobility exercises and drills designed to help you improve your running. We work on different elements, firstly to make running feel easier and more enjoyable then to help improve efficiency so that you feel lighter when you run. Everyone is encouraged to focus on what they’re doing in order to make the progress they want to see as well as being part of a supportive group. You are not expected to keep up with anyone else and it’s not important how fast or slow you may be. Everyone benefits equally.

We work on exercises and strategies that I’ve learned and used myself in over 20 years of running. You will be given some things to practice in between sessions that will help you get your body moving better and get more from your runs. I want you to be able to enjoy your running again, look forward to going out to practice and learn, discover what you’re capable of and feel great at the end of each run.

Run Fit Classes

Every Saturday 9-10am

Meet at Bells Sports Centre

£7 per class

What you can expect

  • Run Drills to assess and improve your running

  • Warm Up and Cool Down Exercises 

  • Weekly email with tips and exercises to practice between sessions

  • Be part of a supportive group

  • Mobility exercises to help make your running feel better

  • A safe environment to help you learn and develop your running so you can perform at your best


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I had been running for a few years and not making much progress. Then I met Steve and after following his advice for just a few months I took 4mins off my 10k time. I feel stronger, fitter and am now training for my first marathon, something I wouldn’t have considered in the past, but with Steve’s help I know is achievable
Julia Greenlees

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