Running a 3hr marathon

“Look, if you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment. 

Would you capture it or just let it slip?” – Eminem – Lose Yourself


If you had the opportunity to go after something you’ve always wanted, what would it be?

Would you go for it or give in to self doubt, let it pass and forever wonder what if?


Why I want to run a 3hr marathon

Why not? Life’s too short to go after boring goals. Life’s much more fun when we go after the big things we really want. Can I achieve this goal? As my mum would say, ‘there’s one way to find out”.

After celebrating my 50th birthday in December, I decided I wanted to set myself one major goal – to run a 3hr marathon, or quicker, at Stirling in October and claim a Good For Age place in the London Marathon.

Achieving this goal will feel much more satisfying at 50 than it might’ve done at 48 or 49. I’m not sure why but one of the reasons I want to do this is to prove that age doesn’t have to be a barrier to achieving the things you dream of.

The main reason I’m doing this is, is that the London Marathon is the race that changed my life and inspired me to become a Personal Trainer. To go back having earned my place would be a dream.

Running a 3hr Marathon - Steve Bonthrone Personal Trainer


How I’m going to do it

When I think of a goal, I think more about HOW I’m going to achieve it rather than IFI believe in looking at goals as if I’ve just achieved them, be aware of the emotions that are present, then work back the way to identify the steps to get there.

I help my clients look at their goals the same way 

I’m under no illusions that running a 3hr marathon is going to be a walk in the park. I know that it’s going to be tough and will need me to run faster than I’ve ever done. My best time for 26.2 miles is 3hrs 19mins.

I will be applying the same approach to achieving my goal as I do to help my clients achieve theirs.

Focusing on the process, not the outcome

We tend to look at our goals from where we are right now and they can seem quite daunting. Once set, it’s important to put it to one side and focus on the process to get there.

My training’s going to revolve around running (funnily enough!) and workouts to get my body moving better so that I can run much more efficiently. I’ll also be working on eating and sleeping better so that I feel more energised for my sessions and perform when I need to.

The first steps are simply about completing the sessions in my plan and becoming consistent at everything I’m doing.

Do you have a big, crazy goal that you’re working towards? If not, what’s the one thing you’d really love to achieve but you’re holding yourself back from?

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