Run Faster Run Club

Learn how to run faster, for longer with less effort, naturally

Do you find that no matter how hard you train, you don’t seem to be getting any quicker? You’re so close to beating your times in your favourite race or parkrun but those few seconds seem far away? You’re not sure you can run faster without getting injured?

This group is for you!

Running faster is usually perceived to be hard work, doing interval training, hill reps or even gym work. That works to a degree but progress will be limited. I believe there’s an easier way to achieve the same thing. I’ve studied elite runners and while you may not have the same speed, you can replicate the way they run so you can run more efficiently.

Who’s it for?

This is for you if you are already running regularly and want to run better. You’re maybe a regular at parkrun or you prefer to run yourself, test yourself but don’t feel like you’re making the progress you want to see. It doesn’t matter whether you run 5k in 20 mins or 30 mins, I can help you improve your times and enjoyment of running!

Here’s what you can expect to learn

  • A more efficient way to run
  • How to start slower and finish fast

  • Feel like you’ve got springs in your feet!

  • How to make your runs feel easier and more comfortable

  • Exercises you can practice at home, between sessions to make your runs better

  • Feel like your whole body’s working better

The Details

Running Club in Perth

North Inch, just off Rose Terrace.

Wednesdays from 6.30 – 7.30pm

£25 per month

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