It’s All About You

Running coaching is all about you, helping you run stronger, more efficiently, run quicker while not struggling with your breathing, reduce your risk of injury and enjoy your running again.

My running coaching is suitable for all levels and I help people get into running, improve their form and technique so they can see the progress they want and help runners overcome common injuries so they can run smoothly again.

Running is a skill and we need to develop your ability to run. Most runners will try speedwork and hill reps to try to improve their times but the real area for development is getting your body moving better. The first step is looking at how you run, developing your form and help you run better. Think of having more power from driving your arms, think of having more range from your hips so you feel you can push more and think of having lighter foot strikes so you feel like you have springs in your shoes. Think of having all that and being able to run faster while not using any more effort than you do just now.

Developing Your Form

More Than Just Running

I look not just at how you run but also take into consideration what you do when you’re not running. Poor quality sleep, not resting enough, diet and sitting behind a desk all day at work can all affect your running performances. I’ll help guide you on making the changes you need so that you can get a better running experience. 

It’s not just about the running either, it’s about helping build your confidence, make you feel more relaxed and create different focal points so you stay motivated and get the results you dream of.

How It Works

Step 1:

Let’s have a chat. We can either do this face to face or via video call. Here we discuss your current running, the problems you’ve been experiencing and your goals. You may have a target race in mind or simply need help to be able to run better.

Step 2:

We look at you running. This can either be done at the same time as we chat or film yourself running and send me the clip. Either way, I will be able to give you feedback on what I see and what we can work on as part of your training. If you’re carrying an injury, we’ll look at how you move through another exercise and get an idea of why the injury might be happening and how we can resolve it.

Step 3:

Let’s get started. We’ll set some targets for the first month and I’ll take you through some exercises that will help get your body moving better and put together your first training plan. The exercises will either be put into written format or in video format so you can check them as often as you need to. Whichever you prefer.

Step 4:

You run, we catch up. You’ll be invited to join my Strava group so I can have a look at your runs, we catch up by email/messenger/text every week to see how you’re feeling, how the week gone by has been and your hopes for the following week. We catch up for a 1 hour session in the last week of the month (or whenever is suitable), review your plan, the exercises you’ve been doing and create a new plan and new targets for the next month.

How Much It Costs


  • Running Training Plan
  • Bespoke Conditioning Plan
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Advice

Happy Customers

I came to Steve after a long period of injury and wanted some help to achieve my long standing dream of running a sub 3.15 marathon. It was my first time using a coach so I had no idea what to expect! What I got was a month by month programme that was quite challenging but really got me training in a different way and allowed my body to reach its peak at just the right time.

Steve always gave good feedback and was very encouraging – even when I was beating myself up. We had 4 weekly catch up calls to reflect on how things were going and he was always responsive with any email exchange in between times. One of Steve’s key sessions are his form drills. It took me a while to get the hang of them but they have absolutely helped my underlying speed no end (I am not a naturally fast runner) – but I suddenly found myself smashing out great 5k times. The long Sunday runs were more structured and did have a focus on pace – these were challenging but, again, key to help me get to where I needed to be.

The outcome? I only got a marathon PB of……….3 hours and 13 minutes! Oh. And a 5k PB of 20 minutes along the way in the training cycle.  They say age is just a number but the most miraculous aspect of all this? I’m 51!!! Yet Steve has now made me feel that I am capable of more.

Always patient, always positive and always constructive – Steve has helped me so much. Unfortunately he’s created a bit of a monster!!!

Kate Marchant
I first met Steve when he was pacing at Perth parkrun. He was pacing 26 minutes, and helped me get under 26 for the first time. Subsequently I followed him on twitter, and liked the grounded and no-nonsense advice he would give to runners of all abilities in the regular runchats online.
I’m not a fast runner, but I do really enjoy running, have been running since 2013, and steadily increasing the challenges from 5km to 10km, and finally to a couple of half-marathons. But this year I really wanted to do the marathon distance. It was a very personal goal of mine, and my over-riding concern was that I didn’t want any of the training, or the actual event itself to harm my love of running….I’d heard some horror stories!
I approached Steve and asked him if he’d be willing to coach me remotely, and he agreed. Right from the start, he tailored all of his coaching to my needs. He got details of when I like to run, what other exercise I do, which bits of me give up first on a long run, and a short video of me running so he could see where the habits are, and created a plan just for me. He also prepared a number of exercises for me to do to strengthen hips, and work out little niggles, these were absolutely invaluable. He checked in on me regularly to ask how I was adapting to the runs, the volume, the form drills. The form drills were the best bit, he talked me through how I should be feeling during them without worrying about pace. He built them up sensibly, meaning that by the day itself, I knew I could trust my legs to move smoothly, and in a controlled way. It also did wonders for my parkrun times, knocking 1 and a half minutes off my time for that particular version of the course at my local run!
The most important part was Steve encouraged me to get to know what my pace actually feels like, weaning me off my dependence on the garmin. His tactics for starting to build up the long runs made me excited to go out and do them, made them fun, but also made me see that the time it takes to cover certain distances can be done in a steady way.
I loved my training, and the marathon itself was a fantastic day that I’m still buzzing from and have signed up for the ballot as I want to do it all over again!
Helen Walden