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Are you looking for some help to get more from your running?

Do you feel frustrated that you’re training hard and not seeing the progress you want?

Do you seem go from injury to injury?

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Welcome to Running Coaching

My Running Coaching is more than just a training plan. I want to develop you into the best runner you can be regardless of what level you’re at right now and help you run faster while using less effort. I’ll help you set short term and long term goals to help keep you focused, create exercises for you to become a stronger, more efficient runner and build in a recovery plan to help you avoid injury. I want to help you have more positive running experiences so you look forward to every run.

It doesn’t matter where you stay, I can help you! I have helped runners around the world to achieve their running goals.

How It Works

What you can expect

  • Video analysis of your running form so we can create exercises & workouts to help you run more efficiently
  • Monthly video calls/sessions to progress your training
  • Weekly text/email support
  • Running plan designed around your current level
  • Bespoke conditioning plan to help develop you as a runner
  • Invitation to join my exclusive Strava Running Club

Running Coaching


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One of Steve’s key sessions are his form drills. It took me a while to get the hang of them but they have absolutely helped my underlying speed no end (I am not a naturally fast runner). The outcome? I only got a marathon PB of……….3 hours and 13 minutes! Oh. And a 5k PB of 20 minutes along the way in the training cycle.  They say age is just a number but the most miraculous aspect of all this? I’m 51!!!

Always patient, always positive and always constructive – Steve has helped me so much. Unfortunately he’s created a bit of a monster!!!

Kate Marchant

The most important part was Steve encouraged me to get to know what my pace actually feels like, weaning me off my dependence on the garmin. His tactics for starting to build up the long runs made me excited to go out and do them, made them fun, but also made me see that the time it takes to cover certain distances can be done in a steady way.

The form drills were the best bit, he talked me through how I should be feeling during them without worrying about pace. It also did wonders for my parkrun times, knocking 1 and a half minutes off my best! I loved my training, and the marathon itself was a fantastic day that I’m still buzzing from!

Helen Walden
I had been running for a few years and not making much progress. Then I met Steve and after following his advice for just a few months I took 4mins off my 10k time. I feel stronger, fitter and am now training for my first marathon, something I wouldn’t have considered in the past, but with Steve’s help I know is achievable
Julia Greenlees

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