Running Coaching

Become the runner you’d love to be

Welcome to my Running Coaching! You’re maybe here because you’re looking for some help to improve your running or train for a race. You might even be here to find out what a running coach actually does and if it’s something you need! Either way, thank you for dropping by!

I’ve been running for over 20 years, running a marathon almost every year as well as a whole number of races and challenges. My marathon PB is 3:19 although I’m aiming to beat that this year, at the age of 51! Half marathon PB is 1:29, 10k is 39:30 and parkrun PB is 18:57. My half marathon and parkrun PBs were all set in the last 5 years and I believe you can run fast at any age! 

My proudest moment was when I completed the ‘hairy’ of all 4 races (5k, 10k, Half and Marathon) at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival in 2014. I went on to repeat it by running all 4 races virtually, in the same day (plus 1.4 miles) just before my 50th birthday in 2020.

My coaching is designed to improve your range of movement so that you can run more efficiently, feel fitter and stronger and make the progress you want without feeling like you’re killing yourself every time. I’ll help you pace your runs better and work through strategies to help you have a more enjoyable running experience.

Steve Bonthrone Running Coach in Perth

Who is Running Coaching for?

I work with runners who are:

  • Starting out and want to build their confidence
  • Wanting to get back into running after a long break
  • Have gone from injury to injury and would love to run injury-free!
  • Keen to work on their technique and pace so they can run faster
  • Training for a big race and need a plan and support to get there.

If any of these sound familiar, this is for you!

What you can expect

We’ll have an initial chat to discuss your goals and running background. In our first session, I’ll watch you run to see how you run and look for areas where I can help you improve.

I’ll create some drills and exercises for you to practice then re-test with a short run to see if you feel a difference. The exercises will focus on mobility, stability and flexibility and the drills are based on improving your efficiency.

I will create a training plan for the month ahead, based around your availability, with some targets to aim for. I’ll create a video of myself doing the exercises, upload it to YouTube and send you the link so you can practice.

We’ll keep in touch on a weekly basis about about the sessions you’ve been doing, how well everything’s going, create a focus for the week ahead and make any changes if needed.


How much does it cost?

You’ll receive a monthly 1-1 session, in person if you’re in Perth or via Zoom if elsewhere. Your training plan and exercises will be emailed to you and we’ll keep in touch my text or email.

£60 per month

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