How would you like to improve your running skills so you can run faster and feel like you’re using less effort than you do just now? 

Where we meet

Running Skills - Perth Running Club - Steve Bonthrone Fitness

Session Times

Tuesdays 06.30 – 07.15

Thursdays 18.30 – 19.15

Running Skills

Running Skills is a class designed to improve your running form, help you improve your performances and reduce your risk of injury. Run lighter, faster and for longer.

Imagine being able to feel lighter when you run, like you’ve got springs in your shoes and your runs feeling effortless. That’s what we want to create. The sessions are aimed at those running 5k and above.

You will learn:

  • How to make your foot strikes more springy so you feel lighter and more efficient 
  • How to get more drive from your arms and hips so you can run faster and feel it easier
  • How to feel looser when you run so it feels like you’re using less effort

The sessions involve performing drills to help loosen up your body and improve the way you run. The exercises will naturally increase your stride length as well as give you more range in your hips and back so you will feel like you’ve got more power when you run and feels like your whole body is working together rather than just your legs. You are encouraged to focus on yourself as well as have the support of the group. This is perfect if your goal is to be able to run faster, for longer or both!

How much are the sessions?


£3000per month
  • This entitles you to attend one class per week + Recovery Run + parkrun meet up


£3900per month
  • This entitles you to attend as many classes as you wish