Sometimes, a run can be the best thing you need to clear your head, solve problems and help you become more focused on what truly matters. It’s not just exclusive to runners of course and I would imagine cyclists, hill walkers and those who like to take long walks in the country will enjoy the same benefits.

Running, to me can be therapy for me and it has helped me deal with the grief of losing my Mum & Dad in the last few years and I always have great ideas to do with business come to me on a long run. For most runners or cyclists these days, we can become bogged down by how fast we go and trying to improve times and actually, some of the best runs come when you switch off and think about other things.


It all comes down to having time spent away from work or home, where it can be difficult to problem solve or come up with ideas when there are constant demands or distractions. The true benefits come when you get away from your desk and get some fresh air. This gives the mind a chance to relax and come up with solutions and it works in the same way when you’re having a conversation, forget a detail with it being on the tip of your tongue then remember it a while later while you’re doing something else.

This morning, it was snowing and so I had to change my plans from a 20 mile run with some faster miles, instead just going for a run and purposely leaving my headphones at home so I could think through a few things. I am going through a process of evolving from being a Personal Trainer to becoming a Personal Coach.

A few friends from Content Marketing Academy have recently told me that they see me as being more than just a PT as I like to coach my clients so that they can achieve more wide-ranging results such as helping them boost their confidence and feeling better about themselves as much as changing body shape and feeling fitter. I’ve chosen to listen to them and so the run today was aimed at becoming clear in my head where I’m going with this. I definitely got the clarity I was looking for and I’m excited for the journey ahead. More details on that to follow!

You don’t have to have career progressions in mind, it could be simple things like organising a holiday or sorting out your ever-growing to do list but also helping you process the loss of loved ones as I have done or help process thoughts on other stressful situations.

You don’t have to be fit either to benefit from this, just allow yourself some time for yourself, get away from your desk, get out the house, get some fresh air and let your mind do it’s job.

Have you solved any problems while out on a run or walk? How did you find it?

More info on my Personal Coaching and how it can help you coming soon!