Every time I set a goal, I ask myself one question that will determine the likelihood of me achieving it. I ask the same question to all my clients when we sit down for our initial discovery chat. It is worth asking yourself this question because I know the answer will increase the chances of how to achieve your goals.

The question? It’s simple really.


Why is your goal important for you to achieve? There are many other questions that I can lead onto from this point, most of them starting with the question why.

Why do I ask this question? Most people will say they want to lose weight and get fit but both of these are incredibly vague. They might be your goals as you read this. How much weight do you want to lose? Why do you want to lose that amount specifically? Why do you want to get fit?

It’s only when we answer the question why that we discover the real goal, the one that’s driving us to make the change we want in order to get it. Think of what you would say if someone asked you why you do the job you do. 

Weight loss and getting fit may not be the real meaningful goals that you desire, they’re the simplest terms that you’re likely to think of at a basic level. Some people successfully lose weight but not many go on to keep the weight off. How many people do you know who want to get fit would actually say they’ve ever achieved it?

This is because weight loss and getting fit aren’t always tangible as stand alone goals. We need a purpose, a definition of what they mean to us. Once we understand that definition for us, we have a purpose, know the steps we need to take in order to achieve it and know exactly what the outcome looks like.

Thinking about your goals now, why are they important to you? If your goal is to lose 1 stone and get fit then why 1 stone? Why do you want to get fit? The answers to these questions should start to help things become clearer and give you something to work towards.

What are your goals? Have you asked yourself why? How do you feel about your goals now? Hit reply or drop me a message and tell me about them. Do you need help achieving them? I will be delighted to have a chat if you do.

Watch the video below to help you with your why, it’s helped me a lot over the last few years.