It’s always nice to read success stories, seeing someone’s amazing transformation but you don’t always read about some of the little things they achieve along the way. This is not because they’ve failed to mention it, it’s because it just feels normal or insignificant in relation to their goal.

I feel quite privileged to see a client be able to do something they couldn’t do before and it makes me really happy and proud when they tell me about something that’s changed for them as while it may seem small, it can be hugely important to them and becomes the catalyst for greater results

The following successes are completely anonymous but are some examples of the little successes I see as a coach which make the biggest differences and can potentially inspire others

When she first started, my client was recovering from pleurisy and pneumonia as well as feeling in a bad place due to stress at work. I think she wanted to hit me after our first session when I told her to stop drinking diet coke and start taking a multivitamin. We’ve steadily built up her fitness and this morning, we tried some jogging. She’s got a dog and thought she’d like to be able to go for a run at some point in the future. So we went out one day.

Just did a few short runs, between lampposts and trees etc and after running to one target, she turned to me with a big smile on her face and said she thought it was amazing and that it was something she previously thought she’d never be able to do. As we jogged and walked all the way back, she started telling me how her friends have been commenting on how well she looks and how she’s got more colour about her face.

I rarely ask people to cut things out but on this occasion, I asked her to stop drinking the diet coke as I felt that was feeding her anxiety. The difference since she gave that up and the improvements she’s made since along with that feedback from the run have been very significant to how far she has come.

I work with a client who’s in her 30’s and is visually impaired due to a condition that is more common in people over the age of 50. While her initial goal was to lose weight, her main goal was to get her confidence back as she felt this had taken a knock because of conditions at her work and this had carried over into her personal life

I encouraged her to focus on the things she wants to be able to do and let the weightloss happen as a result of all that. She is now very happy with her weightloss and ecstatic that she can go to a social event with her husband or friends and not feel concerned about what she’s wearing or be mindful about where they go.

I asked her to focus on a social engagement with her husband, to think about what she wanted to wear and how she wanted to feel then try the outfit on every week to see how much closer she got to fitting into it. The most powerful thing when she told me about that evening was not what she said but the way she glowed and her increasing smile when she told me. THAT was the difference for me.