Why I’m going to be planting trees

I am going to be planting trees. Not me, personally, or will I be planting them in my garden. I am working with the charity, Trees for Life, who will be planting the trees within a conservation forest near Loch Ness. For every person who signs up for one of my Personal Training packages or

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How to Achieve Your Goals in 2019

How good are you at sticking to resolutions or achieving the goals you set at the start of 2018? Now's the time we usually set new goals for 2019 and commit to resolutions that will probably last a week or two! Before setting new goals, it's useful to review the goals from the year

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How To Review Your Goals

How are you getting on with the goals you set at the beginning of January? Still on track? How often do you review your goals? If you're not any further forward from when you set your goals then it's ok, there's still plenty time to get back on track. It's common to think of our goals

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Say Yes To Achieving Your Goals In 2018

How are your resolutions and/or goals for 2018 shaping up so far? Everyone will have set goals for the year, many will have set resolutions too but as I write this, I suspect a lot of these resolutions will have been broken and we're now just focusing on our goals. Ready to change You will

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