Why I Run

It's just gone 5am, I switch the alarm off, get out of bed, kit on, tie my laces and head out the door to my happy place - going for a run. I don't do this every day though. I have a rest day on a Monday and go out later at the weekends. Running is

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Why Do You Exercise?

Why do you exercise? What does it do for you? What purpose does it serve? I read an article yesterday, a marketing newsletter from the great Mark Schaefer, telling the story about the company who were trying to sell more milkshakes and it wasn't until they started asking what job did the milkshake do for

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5 Steps To Create A Better Life-Work Balance Now

How many of you can honestly say you've mastered a work-life balance? If you've done it then I salute you. How would it be if you went after a life-work balance instead? Here's how I did it. I used to feel like I was constantly spinning plates, creating to-do lists that would never get done

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