Laying Foundations

I want to tell you about the process I use to help my clients achieve their goals and often go onto achieve even more than they hoped when they first started. It's a 4 step process, developed from everything I've learned from courses and the people I've worked with over the last 20 years in

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What If You Could?

"I can't" "I'm not fit enough" "I'm not good enough" "I'm too slow" "I don't want to hold everyone else up" Have you ever heard yourself say any of these statements when nerves or fear stops you from doing something? You wouldn't be the first if you did and you won't be the last. I found myself saying one

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Yes, You Can!

Yes you can, you just don't know it yet There's hardly a week goes by when we will be faced with an opportunity that will likely take us out of our comfort zone and we have a difficult decision to make, do we go for it or not. How many times have you been in

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