Sometimes All You Need Is A Run

  Sometimes, a run can be the best thing you need to clear your head, solve problems and help you become more focused on what truly matters. It's not just exclusive to runners of course and I would imagine cyclists, hill walkers and those who like to take long walks in the country will enjoy

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How To Make Running Easier

When I first started running coaching groups, people would tell me that they weren't quick enough to join or that they didn't want to hold everyone else back even though they didn't know anything about the group or about those who were coming. That was the inspiration for me to set up my 0-5k in

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When You Love What You Do

Sometimes, something unexpected happens that reminds you why you love what you do and reinforces the value of what you do. My latest 0-5k in 5 Weeks program has just finished and I can easily say it's one of the most memorable I have ever done. Every block is memorable in some way but this

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Skill Development vs Performance

Have you ever searched for the best exercise to strengthen a muscle or the best exercise for an activity like running or the best exercise to burn fat from a particular area? The bad news is, there isn't one even though the search engine will give you thousands of answers. We need the skill to

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