What do you do when the weather gets in the way of following your daily routine?

You adapt, that’s what!

For many people in the UK right now, getting anywhere is pretty difficult and advised against due to the heavy snow aka #beastfromtheeast we’ve had this week. This not only makes it tricky to get to work but for those following a training plan, this can turn things on its head when you can’t get to the gym or do our usual run and so instead of missing a valuable training session, we need to try something different.

How can we keep training in the snow?

Go for a walk

Just because you can’t take the car out doesn’t mean you can’t go anywhere so put on a few layers and go for a walk. Walking into town today in Perth felt a bit like Christmas/New Year where everyone was out for a walk, whether just for the exercise or to get shopping done but it was good to see. A good walk always helps and the depth of the snow makes the legs work harder = a great workout!

Clear the paths

The best workout of all just now is to get the shovel out and clear your own path or driveway and also the pavements outside. Not only is this a good physical workout but you’re also helping other people, potentially those who are less able than you and the feeling you get from being able to help someone else is hugely valuable to your own wellbeing.

Go for a run

Just because it’s snowing doesn’t mean that you have to miss a run! Running in the snow can be a great workout as it forces you to lift your knees more and going off-road can be even better than trying to navigate between snow-covered roads and pavements. The pace will be nothing special but the run will benefit you anyway.

Have fun!

Go out and have fun! Life can be way too serious, and short, so let your hair down and have fun when the opportunity presents itself. Go build a snowman, go sledging or make snow angels. Be a kid again and if anyone questions it, throw a snowball at them.

Laughter is usually the best medicine and what better way than to relive your youth.

Go on, you know you want to!

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