What does a Personal Trainer do?

I’m sure you already have an idea of what a Personal Trainer does. 

I help people go after the things they really want, the things they’ve always wanted to do but aren’t really sure is possible for them and feel good about themselves again. 

It’s not WHAT I do I want to tell you about today but HOW I do what I do.

I believe that’s what makes the biggest difference.

Painting Pictures

I have created a 4 step process to help my clients achieve their goals. This has come from everything I’ve learned on courses but most importantly, from the people I’ve worked with over the last 20 years in fitness.

The first step of the process is what I call “Painting Pictures”.

This is where we have a chat about your goals, exercise background, diet, lifestyle, health conditions or injuries that might affect what we do.

From there, we fast forward to you actually achieving your goal.

What do you want the future you to look like? What do you want to be able to do? How do you want to feel?

You want to try and live in the moment, as if it’s actually happening and be aware of all the emotions around it. Create a picture of your goal so vivid, you can almost reach out and grab it.

The mistake most people make is starting from the bottom and work up the way, hoping they will arrive at their goal eventually.

You could think you need to lose 1-2 stone in order to reach your goal but losing weight alone may not make the difference you want. Potentially, you could work hard and lose 2 stone but not be any closer to your goal than you are right now. You just happen to be 2 stone lighter.

That’s why I ask clients to imagine they’ve achieved their goal and work back the way as the steps we create to get there become a lot easier.

Having A Purpose

When you know exactly what you’re working towards, it feels like you have a purpose.

The clear vision of your goal becomes a guiding light.

Motivation isn’t a problem. Making changes to your diet and lifestyle become a lot easier and it feels like everything you do is taking you a step closer to your goal.

When you think about that image you have in your head, all of a sudden, the things that aren’t serving a purpose in your diet become less appealing.

When you know where you’re going, and work towards it, common goals like getting fit and losing weight happen naturally, almost without even trying!

Once we have painted the picture, we move onto the next step and that is to lay foundations.

The training we do is NOT solely about the goal but to transform you into the person who achieves that goal.

Create the habits and behaviours that help you overcome any barriers you face and achieve the goal easier than you currently believe.

Next post: Step 2: Laying Foundations

Do you like what you’ve read, want to paint a picture of the future you and want help to get you there quickly and almost effortlessly?

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