I believe Movement Coaching is the evolution of Personal Training.

Movement Coaching is here to help you get your body moving better so that you can do more of the things you love doing, keep doing them for as long as you care to do them. It’s also here to help you do things you thought were impossible for you!

In the last 10-15years, as work for most people has become more sedentary, even more so since starting working from home, our bodies have become stiffer as a result.

This is evident in 3 key ways:

  1. A levelling out of fitness. Where exercising feels harder to stay at the same level, feel like you’re no longer progressing or you feel like you’re not able to do as much as you used to.

  2. You get injured every time you go past a certain point. You struggle to get your bottom lower than level with your knees when you squat, your knees hurt if you do or you seem to get injured every time you try to run faster or further.

  3. Daily tasks like getting up off the floor feel harder than they should. Getting up off the floor, out of a chair, bending down to tie your shoe laces, going up a flight of stairs without holding on to the bannister all feel much harder. Your back, knees, hips feel sore more often and your joints creak more frequently too.

We put all this down to getting older and a loss of fitness and strength.

NONE of this is true.

All of these issues have nothing to do with a loss of fitness or strength and more to do with a loss of mobility, stability and balance. We become creatures of habits we’ve created for ourselves from the positions we spend most of our days in.

Indeed, the fitness industry sells us the belief that we need to go to a gym to build our fitness and lift weights to build strength but it doesn’t tell you that you need to be able to perform exercises as well as the person demonstrating them for you to get the results you’re looking for.

Most people don’t have that ability, you’re not getting the benefits you think you’re getting and gyms don’t teach you how to get it either.

You just assume you’re unfit and need to work harder to get it. This is not true.

The Solution

Movement Coaching is here to look at how you move then create exercises exclusively for you and what you need so you can more of the things you want to do with greater ease. Be able to squat all the way to the floor, do full press ups and progress quicker than the version of yourself that would instinctively join a gym.

Say goodbye to stiffness or back, hip or knee pain and say hello to doing things you used to think were impossible, love being active again and how it makes you feel.

If you’re fed up with stiff or sore, exercise always feeling hard without seeing much of a difference and want to move without restriction again, get in touch.

I can help you.