“What should I wear when I run?”

“What are the best clothes to wear for running?”

I get asked this a lot at my 0-5k group and from PT clients looking to get into running.

There are a few things to consider so if you’re thinking about this as well, here are a few tips:

Which running shoes are best?

I’ll cover this in a separate post but when you’re getting into running, this is one of the most important purchases you can make. To begin with, you can get away with a comfy pair of trainer you maybe wear in the gym or get a cheap pair that feel comfortable.

The more you get into running, you should get fitted for a pair that will suit your running style. There is no optimal brand, everyone has different requirements based on how they run and so I’d recommend visiting a local running shop. They will be able to watch how you run, or use technology to study you, and recommend a pair that will give you support and cushioning where you need it.

You’ll likely spend around £100 but it’ll be a good investment and your shoes will serve you well for a few hundred miles.

Which clothes should I wear?

You could start by wearing a cotton t-shirt and shorts but I would recommend buying yourself some more breathable gear. The downside to cotton is that when you sweat, it’ll stick to you and it’ll feel quite heavy. Instead, try getting some technical kit. This kind of material is light and designed to take the sweat away from your body so you can run comfortably.

You can get decent kit at lower prices from places like Primark, Sports Direct and sometimes in Aldi. Look out for sites like Wiggle where you can get kit from all the major brands to match different budgets. I like this site.

If you’re looking to spend a wee bit more, as well as the major brands directly, look out for brands like Soar and CONTRA, who reinvest their profits into parkrun.

Sports Bras

For women, getting a good sports bra is a must and is the most important thing you need alongside running shoes. If you’re going to be running for long periods then you’re going to need something that will support you and give you comfort the whole way.

I would recommend getting fitted for one or go to a shop and try a few pairs on as there are different types and styles. It’s worth going to places like Marks and Spencer as they have their own range and will have a lot of their range in stores for you to try on. Another option is to check out Boobydoo, a large specialist online retailer.

Something else to consider is an ID tag in case something happens while you’re out. There are a few options, they’re light and you can have medical info and emergency contact details on. A sports belt for carrying keys, your phone (for that post-run selfie) and some money in case you need to buy something is also a good idea.

My own tip is to dress as if it’s 10 degrees warmer than it is to ensure you don’t get too hot!

What do you wear when you’re out? Anything you swear by?