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You’re maybe feeling unhappy with where you are right now, know you need to do something but not sure where to start.

You’ve maybe been on every diet, lost weight but put most of it, if not all, back on again.

You’re maybe bored with what you’re doing, need a new challenge or lost your mojo and need help rediscovering it. 

You need someone to guide you, to hold you accountable or to give you a kick up the backside.

I can help you

Personal Training

Would you like to feel better about yourself, change your body shape or try something you don’t currently believe possible for you?

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0-5k In A Month

Running can be fun and rewarding both mentally and physically. Learn how to run the easy way, how to be able to breathe better when you run alongside other people at the same stage as you

Learn To Run

What My Clients Say

“I want to say a huge thank you to Steve. My husband and I have been following an exercise plan and diet suggestions from Steve for the last two and a half weeks. My husband, Kevin Heller has lost 14.5 pounds and 9.5 inches, while I have lost 7.5 pounds, 11 inches and gone down almost two dress sizes!!! I’m amazed at the results and it has just shown me that all it takes is good food and regular exercise to achieve such great results. Thank you!”

Layna Heller

I can’t thank you enough Steve. I’ve been struggling with my iliotibial band in my leg since last summer and have been in pain every day since. One session with you this morning and you were able to diagnose exactly where the fault was in my movement and give me exercises to correct it.

For the first time ever in months I could actually crouch down without pain. I am amazed and so grateful. You are a genius! Thank you sooooo much. I will definitely be keeping up my new exercises 🙂

Anne Johnston

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