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Would you like to feel better about yourself again?

Are you bored with your workouts, lack motivation and need a new challenge?

Do you feel stiff when you stand up from your chair or need to stretch as soon as you get out of bed in the morning?

Would you like to be able to run or run regularly but don’t seem to be making the progress you hoped?

I can help you

Personal Trainer Perth

Personal Training

Personal Trainer Perth

0-5k in 4 Weeks

Personal Trainer Perth

Run Better


I can’t thank you enough Steve. I’ve been struggling with my iliotibial band in my leg since last summer and have been in pain every day since. One session with you this morning and you were able to diagnose exactly where the fault was in my movement and give me exercises to correct it.

For the first time ever in months I could actually crouch down without pain. I am amazed and so grateful. You are a genius! Thank you sooooo much. I will definitely be keeping up my new exercises 🙂

Anne Johnston

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