Look Better

I can help you look better in your favourite clothes, feel more confident, proud when you look in the mirror and also feel better about yourself again. Whether it’s to fit into your favourite jeans again or you need a fresh approach to getting fit again, I can help you. Anything IS possible

Move Better

Energy comes from the activity we do and also the food and drink we consume. I will help you find a balance so you have all the energy you need to do your daily activities and perform better in your favourite sport

Feel Better

Achieving peak performance is not just about exercise and diet, I will help you create a better balance in your life so that you recover well both physically and mentally. This can help you deal with stress better and avoid sickness and injury better

Prefer to Train With Others?



This is a 30 minute intensive workout that will change your body shape and drive your fitness through the roof. Warning….it’s tough!

0-5k in 5 Weeks


This is a beginners running club that will help you learn how to run the easy way and get up to 5k comfortably in just 5 weeks

Run Faster


For 5k runners upwards, receive personal coaching as well as group coaching to be able to run faster for longer and run more efficiently

From My Blog

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Challenging Yourself

When you think of your goals, how 'safe' are they? When I say safe, what I mean is how easy are they for you to achieve? Are your goals always changing or do they tend [...]

Putting Yourself First

One of the most common challenges many people I work with have when trying to achieve their goals is getting time to exercise. This can be from demands of work, family and other commitments. In many [...]

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