Hi, I’m Steve! I am passionate about helping busy people get fit, lose weight and run faster and make it easier to achieve than you currently believe

Personal Trainer Perth Steve Bonthrone Personal Trainer

Welcome to Steve Bonthrone Personal Trainer

My aim is to help you become the best version of you so you can do everything you enjoy, fit into all your favourite clothes and if you’re a runner, be able to run faster while feeling its easier to achieve than you thought.

I want you to be able to do more than you thought possible, get a buzz from exercising, feel like you’ve got an endless supply of energy and above all, make you feel good and proud of yourself again.

I can’t help you look like anyone famous but I can help you look so good, your friends will want to be like you.

I do things differently and take a holistic approach towards helping you. I design workouts based on how you move so the exercises are exclusive to you and will help you move better. I look at your eating habits and give you tips on little changes to make so you can eat better without being on a diet. I will also help you with your lifestyle so you can manage the stress of your daily commitments better and improve the quality of your sleep. It all counts!

Get Fit

I will help you define what getting fit means to you and guide you on a clear path to achieve it no matter how busy and chaotic your life is. It’s about creating the right plan for you

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Lose Weight

Losing weight takes more than just cutting out carbs, going on the latest crazy diet and hoping for the best. I will help you make better choices for long lasting results

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Run Faster

Running is a skill and being able to run faster doesn’t always mean doing the same things over and over hoping to get better. I can show you how things like loosening up your back can make a difference

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Success Story

Personal Trainer Perth Steve Bonthrone Personal Trainer

Before we started working together I had no confidence in myself. You could see from my posture, I had put on 3 1/2 stone in a year and I was very uncomfortable in my skin. I had thought that it would be too hard to recover from and that I should just give up, be what I was, fat and unhealthy.

I thought getting fit again would be too hard for me, that I would fail. It was a big step to admit that I was needing help with my fitness but it was always a major part of my recovery from illness so investing time with Personal Training seemed a logical step.

Working with Steve was like counselling sometimes. He varied the sessions based on my ability and interest. He took me out running and the most important session was walking up Moncrieffe Hill. I said to Steve I feel like myself again during that session. He gave me a couple of tools to use when I was struggling with exercise and motivation. I found the sessions hard at times but never out with my ability, just pushing at my ability. He’s not one of these trainers who’ll shout or belittle you, not at all.

The one greatest result from working with Steve was the increase in my confidence, I hadn’t realised how low it was but having achieved so much with him, I felt mentally lighter and proud of myself. It wasn’t a goal we were working on but it made the biggest difference to me.

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