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Personal Training

I can help you look better in your favourite clothes, have lots more energy & feel better about yourself with Personal Training that’s designed exclusively for you

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Learn how to run, learn how to make running easier and faster and train for your key race at my Zero to 5k and Run Faster running groups

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The 30 minute workout that lasts 24hrs! Metafit is a powerful bodyweight HIIT workout that will boost your metabolism and change your body shape

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Welcome to Steve Bonthrone Fitness

Personal Trainer Perth

Train smart, get better results

I work with many people who are frustrated and unhappy that despite trying almost every diet or following the latest fitness fad, they are not seeing the results they wanted. If you recognise this in yourself, I want you to know that it’s not your fault. It can be extremely tempting to try the latest diet, and even lose weight with it, only to find yourself putting all the weight back on again a few months later.

I can help.

Whether you want to lose weight, struggle to do things because of back pain or a runner wanting to improve performance and avoid injury then I can help you. Everyone’s goals are different and their ability to perform exercises is different and so I design your training around you and what’s important to you. When you shift your focus to your goal and the journey to get you there, results can often become easier to achieve.

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“Really helpful and great advice, didn’t make me feel stupid when I was asking questions. Answered all the questions I had and made me feel a lot more confident in what I was doing. Thank you again!”
Heather Crawford
“Thank you Steve for believing that anyone can run and for planting the marathon seed in my head! If I hadn’t done Zero to 5k, I probably wouldn’t be at the point I am today. if anyone in Perth wants to start running I really would recommend going!”
Emma Jacques - Zero to 5k 2015, London Marathon 2016