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Personal Trainer in Perth

I help over 50s discover that they’re capable of way more than they think

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We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing – George Bernard Shaw

You’ve turned 50, or edging closer to 50, and probably wondering where all the time went! You’re now thinking it’s about time you did something for yourself. Lose the weight that’s crept on, get a bit fitter, feel healthier as you get older and feel good about yourself again.

You used to exercise regularly before life and work took over, remember how good it made you feel and would love to feel that way again.


You’re bloody stubborn, like me, and want to prove to the world that you can still do all the things you’ve always wanted to do or try new things and do them as well as you’ve ever done! Everything IS possible!

Hi, I’m Steve, a Personal Trainer and Running Coach in Perth. I believe you can achieve anything at any age. It’s not IF you can do something but HOW you want to do it. I’m here to come on this journey with you, help you create the story you want to tell of what you’ve become able to do, the difference it’s made to your life and how it’s made you feel so you can inspire others to do the same.

Personal Trainer in Perth - `Steve Bonthrone

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How I Do It

Everything I do is designed around you and your goals and is built around these pillars:

Believe | Steve Bonthrone


Focus on what matters to you and feel like everything you do is taking you a step closer.

Nourish | Steve Bonthrone Personal Trainer in Perth


Improve HOW you eat as well as WHAT you eat and feel lighter and healthier.

Active | Steve Bonthrone


Move more and get your body moving every day so you can do more with greater ease.

Recover | Steve Bonthrone Personal Trainer in Perth


Take more time out for you, get better sleep and feel energised in everything you do.

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What My Clients Say

I’d been having problems with my back and shoulder and wanted to be able to swim pain-free, enjoy my running and preserve my health and fitness as I get older. Steve impressed me with his ability to assess my mobility and pinpoint the best way to work on it. I’m delighted that the pain has gone, my flexibility is so much better and I’m now running longer and faster than I’ve done in years!

Janice Laurie

Steve helped me prepare for the fitness test for joining the RAF, especially the run, as I don’t like running or pushing myself too hard! He helped me think about it differently and it worked as I passed the test and did better than I could’ve imagined!

Alexandra Flannigan

I came to see Steve after having extensive surgery in my knee and needed to strengthen my leg. As well as helping physically, Steve was very good at working through mental blocks I had. This allowed me to see that my knee was capable of far more than I thought. I am now back training at Karate, my knee feels great and my leg is as strong as it’s ever been!

Jacques Cockin

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