Does this sound familiar?

  • You seem to be going from one injury to another

  • You’d like to be able to run and NOT get injured

  • Your back’s sore and you feel like an 80 year old when you get out of bed
  • You feel your arms are not strong enough when you do upper body exercise
  • You want to get fit and you need someone to push you

These are just some of the problems my clients come to me with. If your problem isn’t listed above, get in touch, let’s have a chat and let me help you

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Personal Training

I want to feel less stiff, get fit, lose weight and feel better about myself again

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0-5k in 4 Weeks

I want to learn how to run and be able to breathe better when I run

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Run Coaching

I want to get better at running and run a marathon without getting injured

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Success Story

I started working with Steve primarily to lose weight but also to be able to continue playing fives when I turned 50. I had a back problem and so was going to be a challenge. I’m now 59, I’ve lost some weight, have very few issues with my back and most importantly, I’m still playing fives. I’m scoring more goals than I did when I started and feel fitter than many of the guys half my age! The highlight came last night when I turned one of the good players in the wrong direction when the ball came to me with my back to him. He told me after the game that I really caught him out as he didn’t expect me to be so flexible. What we’re doing is definitely working! Good job!
Steve McLaren