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Hi, I’m Steve and I’m a Personal Trainer in Perth. I believe anything is possible if you can dream it, believe in it and are willing to work to achieve it. Exercise should be fun and something you look forward to doing rather than feel like something you need to do. I build everything around you. Losing weight and getting¬†fit is more than just going on a diet and doing the latest workouts, did you know that by improving your sleep quality, you could lose weight and run faster? I will help I will help you create simple new habits so that you can sleep better, feel more energised and less stiff when you wake up in the morning, feel like you’re performing at your best and more confident about going after the things you previously didn’t believe possible for you.

Personal Training

I want to lose weight, get fit and feel more confident

Running Club

I want to learn to run, be able to run without feeling breathless and be part of a group

Running Coaching

I’d really like help to improve my form, help me run faster and prepare for my target races

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