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If You Could Achieve Anything, What Would It Be?

If you can dream it and believe in it, I can help you achieve it.

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Personal Trainer Perth | Steve Bonthrone

Personal Training

Would you like to be able to do the things you really want but need help to get you there?

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0-5k in 4 Weeks | Beginners Running Club in Perth

0-5k in 4 Weeks

Would you like to be able to run without feeling breathless and enjoy doing something for you?

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Running Coach Perth | Steve Bonthrone

Running Coaching

Do you have a race you need help to train for or would like to run without always getting injured?

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“The body achieves what the mind believes”

Everything begins with you. You might have a back or joint problem, feel fed up with where you are, a marathon you’ve decided it was a good idea to enter or like most people I work with, you may just want to feel better about yourself again.

I design everything around you. Firstly, I want you to dream big towards something that you would love to do that you don’t feel possible for you right now. Then we get to work. It’s easier to guide you towards something that you really want than to move you away from something that you don’t want. 

I believe in creating a series of positive habits, adding things in so that the things that aren’t serving you well, disappear quickly and effortlessly. 

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“Your hip flexor excercises that you advised helped to cure a decade of back issues allowing me to run more often and further as well as be a real dad to my 2 yr old. Thank you!”

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