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Steve Bonthrone Personal Trainer

It’s Time For YOU!

I help over 50s move better, feel the way exercise used to make you feel and feel inspired to do things you didn’t think you could do

How easy do you find it to get out bed, or your chair, without feeling stiff, sore or like it’s a great effort?

How easy do you find it to balance on one foot while you put your socks and shoes on without falling over?

How often do you feel your fitness is nowhere near where it used to be, wish you could get it back and wonder if it’s even possible?

You’re NOT alone and I CAN help!

It’s got nothing to do with lack of strength or getting older and more to do with a loss of mobility from years of sitting behind a computer all day or stuck in one position for long periods.

I help by getting your body moving better so you can do daily tasks with ease, do more of the things you want to do and feel inspired to do things you thought were impossible for you!

How I Help

Personal Training

Personal Training

I design my program around you, to help you go from where you are right now to where you want to be.

We’ll work on improving the way you move, eat and sleep so you can feel a difference in everything you do and feel inspired to do things you didn’t think were possible for you.

Running Coaching | Steve Bonthrone Running Coach

Running Coaching

Run faster for longer with less effort and without getting injured

Personal Trainer Perth | Steve Bonthrone

More Than A Workout

I believe in training the ‘whole’ you and not just through exercise.

Getting results is more than just about exercise and changing what you eat. I will help you become clear on your goals so you know exactly what you’re working towards, create exercises for what you need to get there, guide you through making adjustments to your diet and help you get better sleep. 

My aim is for you to feel at your best in everything you do and feel inspired to keep challenging yourself as you get older rather than slow down.

“I started working with Steve to lose weight and also to be able to continue playing fives when I turned 50. I had a back problem and so was going to be a challenge. I’m now over 60, lost weight, not had an issue with my back in years and most importantly, I’m still playing fives. I’m scoring more goals than I did when I started and feel fitter than many of the guys half my age! Thanks Steve!”


“I’d been having problems with my back and shoulder and wanted to be able to swim pain-free, enjoy my running and preserve my health and fitness as I get older. Steve impressed me with his ability to assess my mobility and pinpoint the best way to work on it. I’m delighted that the pain has gone, my flexibility is so much better and I’m now running longer and faster than I’ve done in years!”


Steve has been a godsend to me. Improved my fitness, agility and mental health enormously over the last 6 months. Thank you.


I came to Steve hoping he could help me with an ongoing balance problem and help me to be able to walk the dogs and do gardening without falling over. He tailored exercises to suit my needs and challenged me both physically and mentally, helping me overcome the beliefs I had about what I was capable of. I’ve learned so much more than I could ever have imagined. Thank you!


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