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Hi, I’m Steve

I’m a personal trainer and running coach in Perth with over 20 years of experience in helping people make positive differences to their lives.

Where you are right now, what you look like or how fit/unfit you are isn’t important to me. Having an idea of where you want to be is and I’m here to guide you along your journey.

I want to help you feel energised all day long, look forward to being active to discover what you can do that you couldn’t do before and for how good it makes you feel. I’ll find the most effective way to help you achieve that, and much more!

I believe that anything is possible. If you can dream it and believe in it, I’m here to help you achieve it.

Personal Trainer in Perth | Steve Bonthrone

What I Do

Personal Training

Get your body moving better, have lots more energy and have the confidence to go after the things you’ve always dreamed of

0-5k in 4 Weeks

Learn how to run, be able to run 5k comfortably and make it feel enjoyable in just 4 weeks!

5k-10k in 4 Weeks

Take the next step towards 10k, learn how to run faster while using less effort, run with confidence

Online Running Coaching

Learn to run faster for longer, reduce your risk of injury and run at your best in your target race

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