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Get Fit, Feel Amazing!

Get your body moving better, love exercising again and feel better. Anything IS possible!

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Do you feel as stiff as a board from sitting at work all day?

Would you like to feel fitter, healthier and happier without dieting?

Would you like to discover what you’re capable of?

I CAN help you!

Hi, I’m Steve! I’m a Personal Trainer in Perth and I help people throughout the UK get fit, achieve the things they’ve always dreamed of and feel good about themselves again. I believe that exercise should be fun, something you look forward to doing so you can discover what you can do today that you couldn’t do before and for how good it makes you feel. 

Most fitness programs start by giving you HIIT sessions and strength training but there’s a good chance that you’re not getting as much out of this as you think. This is due to restrictions in movement caused by sitting for too long, working from home. I design all my training plans around you and your goals so that you can begin to move the way you want to with greater ease.

We start by improving your flexibility and mobility then build strength, power and agility. You’ll develop stronger stomach muscles without doing any stomach exercises!

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Steve Bonthrone - Personal Trainer in Perth

Personal Training

Personal Training is about developing you to go from where you are right now to where you want to be. Get the complete package of mindset, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching to help you feel energised and perform at your best every day. Learn how to get your body moving better, discover what you’re capable of and feel fitter than you’ve ever been.

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Personal Training | Steve Bonthrone Personal Trainer in Perth
Run Fit | Steve Bonthrone | Running Groups Perth

Run Fit

Run Fit is an online running group designed to help you improve your running, make your runs feel easier and more enjoyable. We have a friendly group here to support you every step of the way and expert coaching to help you get the best out of your runs.

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