Hi, I’m Steve and I’m a Personal Trainer and Running Coach in Perth, Scotland

Do you feel unfit, heavier than you’d like to be, feel stiff when you get out of bed and feel breathless when you get to the top of the stairs? It’s ok, it’s not just you, most people I work with tell me that when they ask for my help. You probably used to be very active but then sat down at a desk and started work. I will help you begin to move better.

Have you tried various diets and been a member of a gym but not really found something that you can stick to? I will help you create new habits and find something that feels easy for you to manage.

Do you run but struggle to get your breathing right, seem to go from injury to injury, train hard but don’t seem to be making the progress you’d like to see? I will be able to help you run more efficiently and feel like you’re running quicker but also feel easier.

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I Believe

I believe that anything is possible if we can dream it, believe in it and are willing to work hard to get it.

I believe that diets and fad workouts do not work. They give us a set of instructions to follow but we don’t learn anything. Success is a journey, not a destination. The greatest success comes from making a series of small changes, turning them into habits and continually moving forwards.

There is no such thing as failure. Mistakes are healthy and teach us everything we need to know to grow stronger.

Focus on what truly matters to you, what excites you, scares you and challenges you to get out of your comfort zone.

Practice and become better at everything you do and you will achieve way more than you thought possible.

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Personal Trainer and Running Coach in Perth Scotland | Steve Bonthrone

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Personal Trainer and Running Coach in Perth Scotland | Steve Bonthrone Fitness

Personal Training

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0-5k in 4 Weeks | Steve Bonthrone Fitness

0-5k in 4 Weeks

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Personal Trainer and Running Coach in Perth Scotland | Steve Bonthrone Fitness

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I started working with Steve primarily to lose weight but also to be able to continue playing fives when I turned 50. I had a back problem and so was going to be a challenge. I’m now 59, I’ve lost some weight, have very few issues with my back and most importantly, I’m still playing fives. I’m scoring more goals than I did when I started and feel fitter than many of the guys half my age! The highlight came last night when I turned one of the good players in the wrong direction when the ball came to me with my back to him. He told me after the game that I really caught him out as he didn’t expect me to be so flexible. What we’re doing is definitely working! Good job!
Steve McLaren

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