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I help people get fitter, run better and feel great about themselves again

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Hi, I’m Steve, a Personal Trainer in Perth. Thanks for visiting my website today!

How would you like to wake up every morning feeling energised, be active because you love how it makes you feel, lose weight without dieting, feel fitter and stronger and achieve more than perhaps you believe possible? I’m here to help you every step of the way.

Personal Trainer Perth | Steve Bonthrone

Personal Coaching

You are unique, that’s why I design everything around you to help you achieve your goals quickly and almost effortlessly. I look at improving your sleep quality as well as exercise and diet. Learn to move better and feel better and achieve more than you currently believe possible for you.

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Run With Steve 

Come join my new running club for those who wouldn’t normally join running clubs! I want to help you get into running and make running feel easier for you so you get the buzz from it and look forward to your next run. If you’re just starting out, been running for a short while and not feeling it getting any easier, lost your mojo or would love to be able to run faster while making it feel easier, Run With Steve is for you.

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Run With Steve | Online Running Club

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What My Clients Say

I was struggling with a knee injury that stopped me from running and Steve looked at how I moved then gave me some exercises to practice. What hugely helped was having Steve listen to my feedback and squash my worries. I overthink a lot and having him coach me through and reassure me was perfect. Now I can run without any issues. Thank you!!

Anna Smith-James

Before coming to see Steve, I was feeling at one of my lowest points. I was low in confidence and unhappy with how I looked. I gained a whole new perspective and enjoyed seeing how I could do things I never thought I could. I now believe in myself more and my confidence has grown. I’m now wearing outfits I never thought I’d get into and feel really happy

Layna Heller

Thank you for all your running advice! I did not think it could happen when you said I would suddenly take off and start passing people effortlessly and it happened all the time today! Also my back pain was virtually non-existent thanks to the exercises you gave to me

Anne Fedele