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I believe that anything is possible if you can dream it, believe in it and are willing to work hard to achieve it

I became a Personal Trainer after running the London Marathon and coming away thinking that if I can do it, anyone can. I wanted to be able to inspire people to go after the things they dreamed of doing but didn’t believe possible for them as I had just done.

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Steve Bonthrone | Personal Trainer in Perth

I was struggling with a knee injury that stopped me from running and Steve looked at how I moved then gave me some exercises to practice. What hugely helped was having Steve listen to my feedback and squash my worries. I overthink a lot and having him coach me through and reassure me was perfect. Now I can run without any issues. Thank you!!

Anna Smith-James

Before coming to see Steve, I was feeling at one of my lowest points. I was low in confidence and unhappy with how I looked. I gained a whole new perspective and enjoyed seeing how I could do things I never thought I could. I now believe in myself more and my confidence has grown. I’m now wearing outfits I never thought I’d get into and feel really happy

Layna Heller

Thank you for all your running advice! I did not think it could happen when you said I would suddenly take off and start passing people effortlessly and it happened all the time today! Also my back pain was virtually non-existent thanks to the exercises you gave to me

Anne Fedele

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