My Story

I started my own business as a Personal Trainer in 2006 with a desire to help people achieve the things they dreamed of but didn’t believe possible for them as I had done a few years before when I ran my first marathon. I had suffered with back pain and decided I didn’t want to go through life affected by it so I signed up for the London Marathon. I saw it as the ultimate challenge for me and needed to get out my comfort zone to complete it. I did and it changed my life. I thought if I can do it, anyone can. I quit my job as a pizza chef, studied to become a Personal Trainer, worked in some gyms, got fed up of prescribing everyone the same exercises so set up my own business.

My Beliefs

I believe that everyone should be able to perform all their daily tasks and favourite sports with greater freedom of movement and less pain! I believe everything starts with learning to move better. Most people sit down for too long everyday at work and as a result, lose a lot of movement and natural ability. This can often lead to back or joint problems.

I help people move more freely, perform better in their favourite activities and have more time to do everything they love.

After having extensive surgery around my knee then physio, I needed to strengthen my leg so I approached Steve. As well as helping physically, Steve was very good at working through my mental blocks when I wasn’t sure my knee would manage some of the training. This was probably as big a job as the physical stuff. Steve was excellent at creating exercises especially for me and creating focal points to help me do them without fear. This allowed me to see that my knee was capable of far more than my mind thought.

I am now back training at Karate and preparing for a 100km walk. My knee feels great and my leg is continuing to get stronger. I would not hesitate to recommend Steve.

Jacques Cockin