My Values

I believe anything is possible if we can dream it, believe in it and are willing to work hard to achieve it.

Everyone’s needs and abilities are different and that’s why I believe we should be training to move better for our individual needs rather than do the same workouts and exercises as everyone else. I create exercises based on how you currently move in order to help you move better for what you need to do. When you begin to move better, you can begin to do more and have the confidence to try things you previously didn’t believe possible for you.

Move more, play more and let weight loss and getting fitter happen as a result of going after the things that truly matter to you

About Steve Bonthrone Fitness | Personal Trainer Perth
About Steve Bonthrone Fitness | Personal Trainer Perth

My Story

A back problem in 1997 changed my life. I had been lifting carpets in my flat when I felt muscles go into spasm and something ‘go’. Signed off work and taking painkillers, I realised that I needed to make a change as I didn’t want to go through life being affected by it as my Mum had. I decided that I needed to get fit and needed a target so I entered the 1998 London Marathon and to my horror/surprise, I got in first time.

Crossing the finish line that day changed everything. For the first time, I felt a massive sense of achievement and the overwhelming desire to help others achieve what they previously didn’t believe possible for them. If I can do it, anyone can. I quit my job and trained to become a Personal Trainer.

I set up my own business in 2006 and my purpose is to inspire people to go chase their dreams, do the things and be the person they’ve always wanted to be rather than settle for the ordinary.

My ethos is it’s never a case of whether you can or can’t do something, it’s how you will do it.

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