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Where you’re at right now isn’t important, it’s a starting point. Knowing where you want to be is important and I’m here to help you get there

About Steve Bonthrone
Optimal Health Framework

My Approach

Getting results isn’t about exercising more and eating less, it’s much more than that!

I take a holistic approach to coaching you and it all begins with creating a vision of where you want to be then creating a balance so you feel like you’re constantly moving towards your goals.

My aim is to help you become the best version of yourself, perform at your best in everything you do and you will achieve your goals, and much more, almost effortlessly!

My Story

My journey began when my back went into spasm, signed off work and prescribed strong painkillers. I decided that there must be a better solution to the problem and so I ran a marathon. As you do! I discovered that regular movement was helping my back better than medication.

Crossing the finish line of the marathon changed my life! I felt an enormous sense of accomplishment I’d never felt before and came away with the desire to help others achieve things they previously thought were impossible, like I had just done.

Mobility training has helped me go from spasms every 3-4 months to barely a twinge in 10 years. I’m passionate about helping others discover the value of mobility training, move away from stiffness or pain and become able to do things they thought were impossible for them.

Anything IS Possible | Steve Bonthrone Movement Coach

What My Clients Say

Steve has been a godsend to me. Improved my fitness, agility and mental health enormously over the last 6 months. Thank you.

Michael Benneworth