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Personal Training

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Welcome to my Personal Training Program

My Personal Training is an initial 12 week program, designed exclusively for you to help you go from where you are right now to where you want to be.

I specialise in working with people who have worked hard to get ahead in their jobs, grown a business and/or raised a family and want to do something for themselves.

You, your goals and how you move are unique and that’s why I believe in creating a program that’s tailored to your goals and your needs. The benefit to this is that  you will achieve your goals a lot quicker than going to the gym and potentially achieve more than you currently believe possible for you.

My Program covers 4 main elements

How it works

Step 1: 

We have a chat. We discuss you, where you’re at right now, your goals, diet, lifestyle, any injuries, what you’ve tried before etc. I want to learn as much about you as I can so I can help you better. The information you give is used to design your program. What you look like, how much you weigh or how fit/unfit you feel right now isn’t important. It’s a starting point.

Step 2: 

Our first session. We’ll go through a few exercises so I can see how you move and look for areas where you might be restricted. I’ll create exercises that will help you feel looser and able to perform the initial exercises easier. These exercises are designed to improve your balance, flexibility, mobility, strength as well as aerobic fitness. The exercises will be turned into a workout for you to practice and I’ll film myself doing the exercises and send you the link so they’re easier to follow. I’ll also suggest little changes to your diet and lifestyle to practice in between sessions. The focus is simply on practicing everything to become better and in turn, you’ll create the habits that will lead you to your goals.

Step 3:

Practice, Learn, Grow. The emphasis on everything we do is about practicing, learning how you’re responding to the changes so you can grow, not just towards your goals but for your longer term health. Every week, we review the exercises you’re doing and progress them at your pace. You will feel challenged in every session, learn how to embrace failure as a positive and feel like you’ve achieved something every time. This is a great way to discover what you’re able to do that you couldn’t do before, look forward to see what you can achieve next and love the way the challenge makes you feel. 

The support in between is designed to give you all the help you need, make changes to your program if necessary and keep you moving forwards.

Step 4:

Keep dreaming. It’s very possible that you’ll achieve your goals far quicker than you think so it’s always worth dreaming of new goals. You only need one goal to get started and you’ll likely dream up new goals as you go along, possibly even one you never would’ve considered before.
Aim high with your goals. It’s not a case of IF you can achieve them but HOW you want to do it, the story you want to tell everyone. Once you know that, the journey to get there becomes much more fun and you can discover what you’re truly capable of. Anything IS possible!

The Personal Training Program

  • 12 x 1hr sessions in person (in Perth) or via Zoom
  • Detailed personalised training program to practice between sessions

  • Mindset coaching

  • Nutrition coaching

  • Lifestyle coaching

  • Unlimited messaging support 


Get Started

Steve helped me prepare for the fitness test for joining the RAF, especially the run. This was probably a greater challenge for him as I don’t like running or pushing myself too hard! Steve helped me frame running in the context of helping me achieve my ultimate goal of joining the RAF and using previous experience of being under pressure. This made a huge difference and made the whole thing a lot easier. It worked because I passed the fitness test with flying colours and did better than I could have imagined. Thanks Steve!

Alexandra Flannigan

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