Personal Training

I believe that fitness is about being active on a daily basis rather than a visit to the gym. We spend far too long sitting down at work, stiffen up and this reduces our ability to perform our daily tasks as well as when we exercise. I like to do things differently. Instead of counting reps and sets and worry about what the scales say, I want to help people to work hard, practice new movements and do things they previously didn’t believe possible for them.

It’s not just about your big goals, you need to create lots of little ones too. The smaller goals are the stepping stones to help you achieve your big goals. I like smaller goals to be everyday things where you are more likely to notice a difference. Like being able to get up a flight of stairs without feeling breathless, your trousers feeling a little looser, being able to bend down to pick something up without putting your back out. These will give you confidence that what you’re doing is working and lead you to your next goal. 

I can help you create these goals.

Goals….lots of them!

Work Hard, Play More

I like to create exercises and workouts that feel like playing and that you can practice anywhere. I create the exercises around you, how you move and to help you move better so that you can feel fitter and stronger. Doing the same exercises as everyone else in the gym is dull, let’s create something that’s more fun, challenging and you look forward to practicing.

All of my sessions are carried out in my private studio in Perth or in the privacy of your own home. I understand that you may hate or feel intimidated by the gym. My sessions are all about developing you to become the person you wish to be and I want you to finish each session feeling better than you did at the beginning. I believe that anything is possible and I’m here to help you believe in it and have the confidence to go and achieve it.

It’s All About You

Success Stories

I had surgery around my knee which included my ACL being replaced using some of my Patellar Tendon and my MCL being cut then hemmed to tighten it. I then received intensive  physio. After physio I was extremely wary of exercising my leg too much and further damaging my knee. I decided I would feel better if I was supported through this important stage in my recovery with professional help. I spoke with Steve about the operation and what I had achieved through physio, but I now needed to strengthen my leg. Steve’s knowledge of anatomy is very comprehensive and I felt he was the right person to help me out.

For the next 6 months he worked with me building up my leg and my confidence in my knee. As well as helping me physically  Steve was very good at working through my mental blocks when I wasn’t sure my knee could take some of the exercises. This was probably as big a job as the physical stuff. Steve was excellent at breaking down the exercises or changing them slightly or getting my mind off my knee whilst doing the exercises. This allowed me to see that my knee was capable of far more than my mind thought. Through Steve’s support, knowledge, patience and understanding I am now back training at Karate and preparing for a 100km walk which I am undertaking in July. My knee feels great and my leg is continuing to get stronger. I would not hesitate to recommend Steve

Jacques Cockin