Personal Training

Does your back feel stiff when you stand up from your desk or need to stretch as soon as you get out of bed in the morning?

Have you been told you need to improve your posture?

Do you run regularly but don’t seem to be making any improvements?

Do you need someone to guide you, to hold you accountable or to give you a kick up the backside?

I can help you


You have your goals and know what you want. I will help you get into the right mindset so that achieving your goals feels somewhat easier


It’s not just about the workouts you do. I’ll guide you on making the most of your time, get better sleep, manage stress better and get better results

Personal Training | Personal Trainer Perth


I don’t believe in diets as a solution and I will guide you on making small changes to what you eat and drink to help you get the best results 


Active is about feeling healthier as well as fitter. I will help you move better so you can do more, have lots more energy, feel stronger and more confident

Who I Help


Are you about to run a marathon and need help with a training plan or need help to step up a distance or improve your times?

Weight Loss

Are keen to lose weight and/or tried every diet, lost weight and put most of it back on again?  Would you like help to get the weight off and keep it off?

Get Fitter

Would you like to feel about yourself again? Would you like to feel fitter, healthier, happier and fit into your favourite clothes again?

How It Works

  1. On our first session, we’ll do measurements/tests based around your goals which we’ll be able to check your progress.
  2. I’ll ask you to do a few base exercises to see how you move in relation to your goal as this will help me create exercises that will form your first workout. For example, if your goal is running then I will look at how you run then create exercises to help you run better.
  3. I’ll look at your food diary and recommend 1-2 positive habits to create for that week.
  4. You practice the workouts and habits as suggested between sessions
  5. Each week the workouts will be progressed and new habits recommended to create
  6. As each week passes, you will notice a difference to your fitness, your sleep quality, freedom of movement and fit of your clothes

What My Clients Say

I can’t thank you enough Steve. I’ve been struggling with my iliotibial band in my leg since last summer and have been in pain every day since. One session with you this morning and you were able to diagnose exactly where the fault was in my movement and give me exercises to correct it.

For the first time ever in months I could actually crouch down without pain. I am amazed and so grateful. You are a genius! Thank you sooooo much. I will definitely be keeping up my new exercises 🙂

Anne Johnston

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The consultation lasts 30 minutes and is a great opportunity to get to know each other, learn more about your goals and I can tell you how I can help you overcome any challenges and achieve your goals.

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