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Do you feel frustrated that no matter how hard you train, you don’t seem to be seeing any improvements in your times?

Would you like to improve your parkrun time?

Would you like to be able to run faster while using less effort?

I CAN help you

What is Run Better?

Run Better is a running group designed for runners who are already running regularly and want to improve their form and times.

This group is aimed at people who are already able to run at least 5km who want to take the next step, those who are running regularly but don’t seem to be making the kind of progress they hoped for and those who want to run faster and get some PBs.

In this group, you will learn:

  • How to run more efficiently
  • How to run faster while using less effort
  • How to pace your runs better
  • How to get more quality from your training runs

The sessions are designed so that everyone focuses on their own performance and ability during each task and will receive individual coaching and support as well as support from the group. I encourage everyone to focus on how everything feels so they get the best results. We focus on drills rather than go for a run and so it doesn’t matter whether you’re fast or slow and you don’t need to be able to keep up with anyone.

How much does it cost?

It’s £25 for the month

Where We Meet

Run Better Running Club Perth

Next Block Starts

Thursday 4th October

Session Times

19.15 – 20.15pm

Your Questions Answered

I Struggle To Run Further Than 5km Without Feeling Breathless, Will This Be Too Much For Me?2018-09-18T18:47:41+00:00

No. In this group, we will be working on your form and as a result, you should start to find your runs becoming easier and be able to run further more comfortably

I’m Running A Lot But Don’t Seem To Be Getting Any Better, Will This Group Help?2018-09-18T18:44:31+00:00

Yes. Progression in times from running a lot can be very limited. I will be able to help you to run more efficiently and you will begin to see a difference in your times

I Can Run 5km And Want To Be Able To Run 10km, Will This Help?2018-09-18T18:48:11+00:00

Yes! While we won’t be running 10km, the sessions will help you to step up the distance and possibly be able to run 10km better than 5km!

This sounds just what I need, how do I join?

Help Me Run Better Now!

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